DIY Paper Hearts and Stars Garlands

15 Minutes
Creating decorations for the home is a centuries-old pastime. Before there were craft stores, it was common for families like the Ingalls to reuse everyday items like fabric, glass, and paper that they already had on hand for new, decorative purposes. In the book On the Banks of Plum Creek, Ma teaches Mary and Laura to turn old brown wrapping paper she had saved into pretty, festive star-shaped garlands. It’s simple to do and adds a whimsical touch to any room, whether on the prairie or in your own home.
Supplies for the vintage and simple craft DIY
You will need basic household supplies. Share scissors, brown packaging paper (reused grocery sacks, kraft paper or butcher paper), and a marker to create your design.
Prep your paper for the garland.
Prepare your paper for the garland streamer by folding it evenly, back and forth like an accordion.
Draw your design!
Draw the design of your choice. In the books Ma and Laura made star banners and placed lights behind them to make them glow.
Shape Variations!
You can use a different shape to change up the look of your banner according to the season! In this case we demonstrate hearts, perfect for a birthday, Valentine's Day, shower, wedding, or other celebration.
Old-fashioned garlands like Ma Ingalls
These lovely, rustic banners transform plain brown paper packing paper into beautiful, old-fashioned streamers for your home or party, just like Ma!
Little House on the Prairie
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