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Hey guys thought id share with you all how to make sugar bowls , These are not just CHEAP to make but really Easy & Fast to make and look sooo AMAZING in person only something you would dream to see in a fine dining restaurants!!!

Check out the video below to learn how to make your very own restaurant quality DESSERTS! or keep on reading my step by step guide below.

First step you will need to get out everything you will need .
Helium Balloons
1/2 Cup of White Sugar
1 Cup of Glucose Syrup
2 Cups of Water
Food Colouring ( this will be colour of bowl )
Candy Thermometer ( recommended )

This mix makes 2 very large bowls or 4-5 small bowls.

Next up is to fill your BALLOONS with water and tie them up , This step is a MUST as filling the balloon with water allows you to pour REALLY HOT candy mix onto it for the shape .
Also this step makes the SHAPE and SIZE of your SUGAR BOWLS more water the bigger they are.
Next step is to put WATER , Sugar and GLUCOSE SYRUP into a pot and BOIL while stirring the whole time this is where the THERMOMETER takes its place , THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF THE CANDY MIX REACHES 300 DEGREES!!! .
When the mix gets to 300 take off heat IMMEDIATELY as it will burn really quickly then ADD food colouring and STIR.
This is where the magic happens!
Pour the mix over your balloons to form your SUGAR BOWLS these will set very fast but allow to COOL first before removing the balloon.
Once it has cooled down head over to the sink and CUT a small hole at top of balloon and drain the water then remove the balloon and you will be left with your amazing looking sugar bowl!!
Once the balloon is removed these are ready to EAT or to stare at your amazing creation. Fill the bowls with ice cream , chocolates and other sweets !! so simple and no skill needed to make these!
Here is my final SUGAR BOWL i added ice cream , chocolate and berries.
Remember the whole thing is eatable and tastes great!
hope you found this easy to follow and you try at home!

For more DIY videos also check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
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  • G G on Aug 24, 2017

    How quickly does the liquid cool while you're pouring?

  • Laura Scott Laura Scott on Aug 24, 2017

    wow, these are really cool. I actually have 2 questions. 1 - can I use corn syrup instead of glucose syrup? 2 - how far in advance can you make these, and if you can make them in advance how do you store them ie in fridge or cupboard?

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