DIY Vertical Planter: How to Update a Sad Corner With Hanging Plants

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by Mitch Couch
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If you have a neglected corner in your home that could use a touch of greenery, creating a DIY vertical planter is a simple and effective solution.

This project not only adds depth and interest to your decor but also provides a handmade touch that adds character to your living space.

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Tools and Materials:

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How to make a plant hanger

1. Measure and Prepare the Poles

Head to your local hardware store and buy a set of expanding closet poles.

Hanging plants indoors ideas

There is a cap on the ends of the poles that needs to be removed.

We will need that screw hole when permanently attaching the poles together.

DIY vertical planter step-by-step guide

Connect the poles by inserting one inside the other.

Then, use this longer pole to measure from the floor to the ceiling in the area where you plan to build your DIY vertical planter.

Mark the height of the ceiling on the pole.

Handmade floor to ceiling plant stand tutorial

2. Drill and Assemble

Now, let's join these two poles together to create the floor-to-ceiling stand for our hanging planters.

Creative indoor plant hanger ideas

First, mark the desired height on one pole.

Unique DIY tall plant stand project

Then, align the end of the other pole with the screw hole at this mark.

Transforming a neglected corner with hanging plants

Pre-drill through both poles, ensuring alignment.

Indoor plant display

Once drilled, reattach them securely using the screw. This will provide the perfect size stand needed for your project.

Pre drill a hole in the pole

3. Install Brackets

Now, let's attach brackets to the stand to hang some planters. Start by pre-drilling using the smallest drill bit available.

Self tapping screw

Opt for a self-tapping screw, ideal for metal poles.

Crafting a personalized floor to ceiling plant display

Slowly, drill the first screw partially, as we'll need to slide the bracket into place before securing the screws.

DIY plant stand Beginner friendly

Now, slide your bracket in and test if it fits correctly.

Mark the position of the next screw

Use a pencil to mark where the next screw should go.

Greenery in small spaces

Pre-drill again before inserting and tightening the screws.

Elevate home decor with a handmade vertical garden

Make sure the bracket fits snugly.

Interior design with hanging plants

Repeat the process for the second and third brackets, positioning them at slight angles.

Install the ceiling bracket

4. Hang the Stand Securely

Install the bracket of the curtain rod into the ceiling.

Small corner makeover ideas

Align your pole inside the bracket.

This creates a secure connection from floor to ceiling, forming the basis for your handmade DIY indoor plant stand.

Tie a knot in twine

5. Create Plant Hangers with Twine

Next, let me show you how to make a plant hanger using twine.

Start by tying a knot in a long piece of twine to create a large loop.

How to make a plant hanger from twine

Arrange the twine loop with one part folded inward.

Twist the twine

Twist this folded section of twine to make a smaller loop.

Update your space with a DIY hanging plant stand

Position your potted plant on the twisted part.

Use twine to make a hanger for plants

Next, take one side of the outer twine loop (the side near the top of the smaller loop where your plant sits) and pass it over the smaller inside loop.

Knotting technique

Then, bring it down and thread it back through the smaller loop.

Creative plant decor

Now, gently pull to tighten the twine.

Fold twine over the plant

Fold this piece over your plant to the opposite side of the twine.

A clever technique to hang plants

You'll now have two hanging arms. Pull these upward to tighten the twine hanger around the plant.

Decorate ceilings with hanging plants

Adjust the size according to your liking.

Repeat these steps for each plant to create a lovely hanging display.

Hanging plant display

6. Hang and Secure Plants

Hang your plants from each of the brackets.

More Brilliant Plant Stands

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Floor to ceiling plant stand for small spaces

How to Hang Plants Indoors With a DIY Vertical Planter

In just a few simple steps, you've turned a forgotten corner into a lush haven with your floor-to-ceiling plant stand.

Your hanging plants not only bring nature indoors but also contribute to a more vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Gorgeous hanging garden in the corner of a home

Whether you have tips to share or want to showcase your unique twists on this DIY tall plant stand, I'd love to hear from you.

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