DYI: Painting Wooden Box Idea

2 Materials
45 Minutes

For sure, you have empty old wooden boxes at home right? I knew it!, me too :)

so I resqued this old grappa box and made a romantic memory box out of it. I am a box lover, and I find them super useful.

I am showing you a painting wooden box idea and I hope you like the transformation.

See below the step by step with pictures and a 1 minute video.



To start with, let me first show you the final result :) I like to show the beauty first.

But how this wooden box used to look like, you will see next:

I started removing the old plastic ornament on the front with the help of a putting knife.

This is how the grappa wooden box looked like. It had this plastic emblema on the front, which I took off.

With help of a dryer, I removed the old glue.

I then prepared my basic material: Warm Cream and Structure Powder by Vintage Paint.

I mixed both of them until I got a thick paste. You decide if you want a thicker or less thick paste. Make sure that you use the whole mix, because it will become hard soon, you won't be able to use it later. I prepared the mix in a carton plate , so when I am done with my project, I just through it away, and if you use a plastic, glass, or ceramic container make sure you wash it right away before the mix gets hard.

I applied the mix on top of the wooden box. I used a flexible spatula for that and I worked in diferent directions in order to create an uneven structure. You don't need to be careful.

While I waited that the paint drys. I painted inside with Warm Cream too, but this time I used the paint without Structure Powder. The paint is super creamy and easy to apply.

When the paint on the outside was dry. I painted a second coat with Powder Blue by Vintage Paint.

Then, with the hair dryer, I heated the Woodwill flexible ornament until it became flexible. It makes sense to heat the ornament even if you are going to use it on flat surfaces.

This time, I was to fast and I heated it before I waxed/painted the ornament. You can decide yourself if you want to paint/wax it before you glue it or after.

With a thin pinsel, I waxed the ornament in bronze wax, a beautiful color and such a great contrast with Powder Blue.

I used glue for wood to fix it on top of the box.

I like to decorate the boxes in the inside too, so in the inside, I used an old French Postcard and a nice flowerly paper. I used normal white paper glue for that.

With a putting knife, I removed some paint to age the box.

And finally I added Black Wax in specific areas of the box inside and outside. Inside I also waxed the flowerly paper, it was new and I wanted to give it an old look.

I also painted the lock in grey and waxed around it.

You see, now the paper looks much older with the black wax.

Now the box is ready to hide some love letters or jewelry for example?

Would you like to do a similar project too?

Have a wonderful day.

LOVE from Switzerland.


LOVE from me,


Suggested materials:
  • Wooden box, Vintage Paint in Warm Cream, Powder Blue, Structure Powder   (www.losmimisarmoire.com)
  • Woodwill ornament and Vintage Waxes (Bronze and Black)   (www.losmimisarmoire.com)
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