From Shirt Sleeve to Wine Tote

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We always have old clothing, that no one wears, filling up our closets. One day as I was looking at some old dress shirts of my husbands I had an "Aha" moment. I can make those shirt sleeves into a unique wine tote. Instead of walking into my friends house carrying my wine in a plastic grocery bag or a store bought paper wine bag why not walk in with unique tote bag. So here I go off to the cutting table to start dismantling one of those shirts.
First thing you want to do is cut the sleeves off the shirt just below the shoulder seam line. Next cut the collar off and then separate the neck band from the collar.
Using your sewing machine stitch a decorative stitch around the edge of the band. Set aside for attachment later.
Turn sleeve inside out. Using a wine bottle measure a point that you want cut part of the sleeve off at the shoulder end. This is just to shorten the length of the sleeve so that it is not so long.
Next step is to stitch across that open end. Do not stitch the sleeve closed. The sleeve end is used to slide the wine bottle into the sleeve.
After stitching across the end stitch down the flared side of the sleeve to give it straighter line. Stitch across the bottom and side with zigzag stitch to give support to bag.
Turn the sleeve right side out. This is what you have.
Now it's time to use the neck band. It is going to be the handle for sack. Pin the band to each side of the sleeve where the sleeve has the fold point. Stitch the band on the inside of the sleeve.
You are done. You have a unique wine tote. You can also use the tote as a bread tote, if are ask to bring the garlic bread to the cookout.
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  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
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  • Nfi20623124 Nfi20623124 on Nov 05, 2017
    Is there a reason for not taking out some of the curve in the sleeve, thus making the tote straight on both long sides, shaped like the wine bottle itself?

  • Tamira Cisneros Tamira Cisneros on Apr 06, 2018

    Has anyone ever seen the Bags made from tshirts?

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  • Doris Doris on Dec 22, 2017
    What a great idea. I can't wait to try this. I'm going out today and pick up a couple bottles of wine. Knowing me, when my husband goes to wear one of his shirts he is going to find a missing sleeve. LOL!

    Thank You / Love It

    • Jo Ann Spofford Jo Ann Spofford on Dec 23, 2017
      Don't tell your husband that you got this idea from an old Georgia girl! He may come looking for me. HAHAHA. Merry Christmas.