Halloween Craft Magnets Using Cotton Balls & Bottle Caps

9 Materials
30 Minutes
We're always looking for cute kids crafts to make around Halloween and this idea is one of our favorites. The possibilities are endless, just grab some COTTON BALLS & PLASTIC BOTTLE CAPS to make these fun Halloween magnets as party favors or gifts instead of candy.

From monsters to candy corn, the possibilities are endless. So, let your imagination run wild and have fun!
Watch the video above to learn how to make these super cute Halloween Magnets OR you could always read the step by step guide below.
Glue two cotton balls into a plastic bottle cap.
PRODUCTION TIP: The size of the bottle cap doesn't really matter. So use whatever you have in the house. If you're making the candy corn, shape the cotton balls into a triangle shape.
Paint the cotton ball & bottle cap (optional). If you're making the...
CANDY CORN: paint the top third of the cotton ball White, the middle third Yellow and the bottom third Orange.
PUMPKIN: paint the entire cotton ball orange. Feel free to paint the bottle cap as well for a complete look.
SPIDER: paint he entire cotton ball & bottle cap Black.
Let them dry for about 10 minutes.
Once they are dry...
PUMPKIN: To make the stem, cut a small piece of green pipe cleaner and glue the tip inside the edge of the bottle cap & cotton ball. As seen in the video.
CANDY CORN: Hot glue two googly eyes to the cotton ball. Feel free to make one eye bigger than the other.
PRODUCTION TIP: If you don't have googly eyes, just paint them on.
If you're making the PUMPKIN, hot glue eyes on the cotton ball and paint a smile or spooky mouth.If you are making the SPIDER, cut 6 legs from one pipe cleaner. bend the tip
If you're making the SPIDER, cut 6 legs from 1 Black pipe cleaner. Bend the legs at the bottom to look like joints in the spider legs. Hot glue 3 on each side.
To complete our SPIDER, hot glue two googly eyes to the cotton ball.
The last step for each Halloween magnet is to hot glue a button magnet to the back of the bottle cap.
THAT'S IT! Explore your creativity and see how many different Halloween characters you can make.
If you like how we inspire kids, check out our YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/KidsCraftsbyThreeSisters
Thanks you so much for reading/watching!

Suggested materials:

  • Bottle Caps   (had)
  • Cotton Balls   (had)
  • Googly Eyes   (Hobby Lobby)
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