Homespun Fruit and Veggie Bowl

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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If you have a large bowl, some of your favorite country fabric, and some time you can make this "Fun and Functional" bowl!!
Making sure the bowl was clean, I ironed some of the fabric I needed. Then I cut them and ripped the rest into strips.
I started out using watered down glue but quickly realized it was not going to dry for hours. I went to hot glue. Put some hot glue in the rim and hold it down with a paint brush handle or crochet hook. Hot glue can burn bad and even cool temp glue can burn. After about 10 seconds, glue it to the bottom of the bowl.
Over lap the strips, and even "angle" them over each other since you are covering a curve.
I took a close up of the glue I put on after all of them were hot glued. Don't bother with water, the glue does need to be a bit thick. Make sure you use a brush sideways on any badly frayed edges.
When the strips have been glued, let them dry for about 2 hours.
Trim the edges much as you would a pie crust.
I added some random buttons just for a bit of color.
For display, I added some crocheted veggies and fruit I won 2nd place at the State Fair in 2014 and here is where you can see and do them if you want.
So...having done this for the first time, these are the things I recommend you do differently.

1. Make the strips long enough to go into the rim and then over the sides and down into the bowl. This takes all the shine out and I would have preferred it that way.

2. Start from the bottom of the bowl (as you can see it's the top when it's turned over), and make your first glue spot there. This makes step 1 easier.

3. When spot gluing with the glue gun, make a spot half way so when you are gluing the surface of the bowl, it won't move on you.

You can put anything in the bowl. Real fruit, yarn balls, seed balls, etc. You can make smaller ones, too for things like succulents, mini gardens, keys, change, etc. Just keep in mind they have a narrow base and can tip easily.

I hope you enjoy this one. I love how it turned out even if it was my first time!!
Suggested materials:
  • Large stainless steel bowl   (St. Vincents)
  • Hot glue, white glue, paint brush, scissors, buttons   (Had at home)
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  • Denise Hill Denise Hill on Oct 23, 2018

    I love this. Thank you so much for sharing. I really like your choice of fabric strips as well!! That's my "taste".

    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 23, 2018

      Thanks! Homespun fabric is what I love, too. The only thing better would be if they made shirts!!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 31, 2023

    Whether smaller or this size, you could put an appropriate wood round sized to fit as a bade, and even cover it too, or paint or just leave wood. One could be made from cardboard, too.