Making Spider Webs That Even Fool Spiders!

I have been making spider webs like this for years and years and you can too! It’s easy and inexpensive but be careful, I don’t know if you know this or not but hot glue gets pretty hot!

Two pieces of “dry foam”

Hot glue sticks


Hot glue gun

Okay, y'all ready? Here goes!


Add a generous amount of hot glue on one of the pieces of dry foam.

Put the second piece of dry foam on top of the glue and twist the two back and forth.

Start tapping the two pieces together about 1″-2″ apart.

Once you’ve worked up your nerve, start spinning the web by … oh good grief… this is hard to explain! Head over to my website to watch my Spider Web Video. I HATE making videos but I think it’s going to be the only way to properly explain this process.
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