Nautical Wall Decor

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2 Hours
A friend of mine is decorating her sons room in a nautical theme. As I am currently obsessed with this theme I definitely signed up for helping out.
She wanted a theme that could grow with her son, and decorations she could repurpose into another room in her home when he finally does outgrow it.
With a few left over burlap bags I had from a previous project I knew just what to do!!!
Check it out below. I love feedback please feel free to let me know what you think or what you would've done better!!! 💜

Materials I used for this project:
I started with plain old boring wooden frames I had stored in a box out in the garage.
I took them completely apart to wash them down.
Primed the frames (4) with a Bonding Primer I already had in the garage.
Painted two blue and two white in a satin latex enamel paint. I always recommend two coats of paint.
I then payed out the glass insert on to the burlap fabric and traced around so I could cut it out later. Doing this helped the burlap fit tight inside the frame without sliding around against the glass.
Using stencils I traced the images I wanted to use onto the burlap.
I then filled in the image I traced with an acrylic paint. I did a different image for all four of the frames.
While all the paint was drying on the frames and burlap, I took some twine, measuring equal amounts and cut 4 strips. I then tied each strip at both ends Into a small knot.
Once the frames were dry, I placed the end of the strips and secured them with a staple gun.
What they look like so far.
I then put the opposite colors inside each frame putting everything back together and hung them on the wall until I gift them to my friend.
I love how easy these were to make. And all with materials from previous projects I've done so the cost was nothing. Which is by far my favorite kind of project to do. 😝
The only reason this is a 2 hour project was waiting for the paint to dry.
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  • HONEY HONEY on Sep 06, 2017
    what did you use the bonding primer for?

  • Donna Donna on Sep 06, 2017
    Where did you get the stencils?

  • Sandy Sandy on Sep 20, 2017
    Does the burlap fray, what can you put on it to stop it from fraying?

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