New Type of Kitchen Spice Rack

I had a bare wall in my newly painted kitchen. What to do.......PALLET WOOD!

This was brand new wood, so I used an iron oxide (rust) spray. In minutes it turned it this lovely chocolate color.

Iron oxide spray is simply a mixture of steel wool pads and white vinegar. If you let them steep an hour, it's a lighter color. Mine steeped overnight, as I wanted a pop of deep color. It's a no muss, no fuss way to stain wood.

I cut the pallet pieces in half, sanded them really well, and sprayed. Then I sprayed clear sealer over them, which made a good base for the lettering. If I hadn't sealed them, the paint I used for the lettering will seep in to the grain and gets all cattywhumpus.

After the wood was done, I used a staple gun (3/8th's sized staples) and secured the rope to the back. Put on the plant holder (dollar section of Target) and stapled the other side.

I used a Sharpie Oil paint marker (Home Depot) to hand letter the spice names.

Got the plants at Home Depot. They come in these little peat pots, which I used to pot them up, without adding any new soil.

And there you have it, a new type of spice rack for the kitchen.

PS I know these won't grow here forever, but it's a bright addition and if I have to change out the little plants every so often, so be it.
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