Not Just Another Dollar Store Find!

Found some plain glass vases at the Dollar Store and the wheels in my mind started to turn. Something easy but elegant with very little time and effort. A vase or candle holder your choice!
Plain and simple glass container. I cleaned and dried it well. Now to begin.
I taped off the middle or where ever you do not want your paint color to be. Sprayed it with the paint color I wanted. When dried I did use a spray sealer to help the paint stay put.
Next ,carefully remove the tape and find your ribbon for decorating, my choice was a gold glitter ribbon.
Place your ribbon with a dot of hot glue to hold it in place while positioning but I used regular glue for the rest of it.
I like greenery so cut a few pieces, sprayed them with a sealer, (hope that helps them keep their color,) and placed them with some pieces left over from a pine cone project.
Sorry for the sideways picture but the other way cut too much of the picture out. Hope you have fun with your Dollar Store container!
My latest creation with a pedestal base.
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