How To DIY a Crate Shelf: Transform Your Space With Dollar Store Finds

Are you looking for ideas to spruce up your living space on a budget? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to create a stylish DIY crate shelf using affordable materials from the dollar store.

Get ready to add a touch of charm to your home with this simple and creative project.

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Tools and Materials:

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Dollar Store DIY Crate Shelving

1. Assemble the Crates

Start by assembling your crates.

Easy DIY Crate Shelf Project

If you've purchased collapsible ones like mine, put them together to form the desired shape for your shelf.

Fabric covered crate tutorial

2. Cover the Crates with Fabric

Take your chosen fabric and drape it over the inside of the crates.

Add hot glue to crate

Begin by applying a small amount of hot glue to the inner center of the crate.

Stick the fabric to the crate

Press the center of the fabric into the glue to secure it.

Continue wrapping the fabric up the sides and down the outside of the crate, adding glue as needed to keep it secure.

Cut the corners of the fabric

Cut off the excess fabric at each corner.

Wrap the bin like a gift

Secure the corners to the box.

How to make decorative shelves

Hot glue is your best friend here. Use it to stick the fabric flat onto the container.

Update Dollar Store organizer

You want a smooth surface.

Dollar store DIY

Flip the box over and hot glue the fabric to the bottom of the crate.

Crate Shelving Ideas

Make sure all the ends are securely stuck.

Easy guide for creative home decor solutions

3. Cover the Cardboard Backing

Trim a piece of cardboard to be slightly taller and wider than one crate.

Building shelves for displaying decor

Cover it with the same fabric used for the crates.

Wrap cardboard in fabric

Apply hot glue along the edges and press the fabric onto the cardboard.

Make sure to pull the fabric taut for a smooth finish.

Fabric covered cardboard backing

4. Assemble Your DIY Crate Shelf

Lean the fabric-covered cardboard against the wall to support your shelf.

Arrange shelves

Arrange the crates around the edges of the cardboard, ensuring they are stable and evenly spaced.

Stylish and budget-friendly DIY

Once everything is in place, fill your shelves with your favorite knick-knacks!

More Crate Ideas

This tutorial on Ways to Use Milk Crates is full of clever ideas on utilizing these organizers!

Organize your treasures while adding charm to any room

DIY Crate Shelf Tutorial

With just a few simple steps and affordable materials from the Dollar store, you can create these stunning DIY decor shelves to showcase your favorite treasures.

Stylish storage solutions

Give it a try and watch as your space is transformed with this budget-friendly solution.

Decor shelves using crates

Comment below and let me know how your DIY crate shelf turned out! I'd love to hear your thoughts and see photos of your creations.

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  • Ka Ka on Mar 17, 2024
    Yes, I am going to make one. You can make it like it was designed with any room. That is the most amazing, beautiful idea ever!!!! Thank you for replying! Kathy
  • Julie Julie on Mar 17, 2024
    I ordered 18 wooden crates (on sale for a very reasonable price from one of the craft stores These are normally expensive which they should NOT be. These used to be called "orange crates" and could be had for free.) These are very well made and sturdy and made from fresh pine that releases a lovely smell! They are 20" L x15" W x 9.5" HThe cool thing I figured out is they are " modular" in that yes, they can be configured any way you any size you like when stacking them. The great thing is that if/when you want to move them, you can easily dismantle your creation, easily carry them one by one (even full), and reassemble them the same or a different way! I plan to stack two side by side (horizontally) and another two on top of those and top it with a piece of heavy cardboard and then a decorative table cloth or shawl or piece of fabric or whatever. That size should be perfect for me. They can of course be painted or stained but I like the look and smell of the natural pine. They of course make great bookcases too with the same easy movability.