How to Build a Stunning DIY Crate Shelf in 8 Easy Steps!

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Transforming your home with a touch of rustic charm has never been easier and more affordable!

With a DIY crate shelf, you can effortlessly infuse a farmhouse vibe into your living space and add a unique touch to your home decor.

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This project's beauty lies in its simplicity and versatility. With basic materials, you can create a customized shelf that complements your personal style. You have the freedom to choose the size, color, and design of the shelf, and it also serves as a perfect showcase for your other decorative items.

The combination of the wooden crates' finish with the natural texture of the plywood creates a timeless aesthetic that complements any room beautifully.

So, collect your materials, grab a coffee, and let's get started!

Sand the crates to give the wood a smooth finish

1. Sand the Crate

Begin the wooden crate shelves DIY by sanding your crates with 100-grit sandpaper. This will smooth out any rough edges and chipping.

Add a pop of color to your DIY crate shelf by painting the crates in your favorite hue

2. Paint the Crate

Paint the crate using Country Chic Paint in "Halo Hill" to give it a gorgeous green color. Ensure that you paint the insides and outsides of the crate. Let it dry.

Enhance the natural beauty of the plywood by staining it

3. Stain the Plywood

Take the plywood that you have pre-cut to fit the size of the bottom part of the crate and give it a stain color using Maple gel stain from DecoArt. Do this on both pieces.

Make your DIY crate shelf look like a professional piece with the help of pre-glued veneer edging

4. Cover and stain the Unfinished Edges

Using pre-glued veneer edging and a mini iron, cover the unfinished edge of the plywood.

Apply the veneered edging to create a clean and finished look

This bonds directly to the wood.

The pre-glued veneer edging effortlessly curves around corners

The pre-glued veneer easily molds around corners as well.

Snip off the excess veneer

Once it's done, cut off the excess. Do this on both pieces of plywood so that you have a nice finished edge.

Step-by-step guide for making a wooden crate shelf

Stain the veneer sides with the same gel stain you used previously for the top of the plywood, this will give the shelf a polished and uniform look.

Easy woodworking project for beginners: wooden crate shelf

5. Attach the Plywood to the Crate

When you start building the display shelves, position the first crate on its side so that its opening is facing outward. Apply wood glue to what is now the top side of the crate.

Place the first plywood piece on top of the crate

Then, put your wood piece on it.

Clamp it and let it fully dry

Use clamps to hold the plywood to the crate while the glue sets.

Attach angle plates to the bottom of the crate

6. Attach the Angle Plates and Legs

Attach the angle plates to all four corners of the plywood. Then, screw on the legs that you bought.

Flip your crate over.

Place the second crate on top of the first

7. Attach the Second Crate

Take the second crate and add some Gorilla Wood Glue to it. Place it on top, making sure that the backs are on the same side.

Stylish and functional DIY bookshelf from wooden crates

Clamp them together and let the shelving unit fully set for about 12 hours.

Place the second piece of plywood on top of the shelving unit

8. Attach the Second Piece of Plywood

End off the wooden crate shelf by attaching the second piece of plywood to the top of the second crate using small finishing nails to tap it into place.

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How to make a DIY wooden crate shelf

Wood Crate Project

Congratulations! You've now completed your very own DIY Crate Shelf!

Place it in your home office, living room or anywhere else you need a display shelf. Use it to exhibit your favorite books, plants, or decorative pieces, and watch as it becomes the focal point of your space.

Wooden crate ideas

Gather your materials, follow my step-by-step tutorial, and get crafting!

DIY display shelving

Share a picture of your finished project in the comments below and inspire others to add some rustic charm to their homes too!

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