POM POM Wreath

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3 Hours
Football season is around the corner so let's get into the team spirit. This is a very quick, easy and inexpensive wreath to brighten up your porch, door or space.

Get a simple block of wood and nail in headless nails. These are spaced 1 1/2 inches apart because I wanted small pom poms. Nail the nails farther apart if you want larger pom poms.
Wrap yarn around the nails, holding 1 end.
Hold the end down while wrapping the yarn around the nails with the other hand. I had to take this photo so you see me holding both ends with the same hand.
30 revolutions of yarn around the nails.
Place a piece of yarn under yarn on nails
Place a strip of yarn (about 3 inches) under the yarn that has been wrapped between the nails.
Tie the piece in the middle of the yarn that has been wrapped around the nails. Really strive for the middle or your pom pom with be asymmetrical.REMOVE THE YARN FROM THE NAILS ONCE YOU HAVE TIED IT IN THE MIDDLE.
Slide blade of scissors thru the looped yarn
Cut. Do the same for the bottom set of loops
Fluff up the pom pom
Trim the edges
Hot glue the pom poms to the wreath ring
Finished wreath! Will add team logo next.
Got a football from Dollar Tree, cut it in half and glued it to wreath, added glitter letters. Now it feels done!
Suggested materials:
  • Skeins of yarn of chosen color   (Wal Mart)
  • Wood block with headless nails   (On hand)
  • Flat wreath MDF board   (on hand/recycled from another project)
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  • Esther Esther on Aug 19, 2017
    Hi there! What size wreath form did you use, & how many pom poms did you need? Really cute idea!

  • Georgia Ann Glock Georgia Ann Glock on Aug 19, 2017
    How many of each of the team has 3 colors? It's adorable and I already have requests as I'm the crafty on in the group

  • Joa7968290 Joa7968290 on Aug 19, 2017
    What is a MDF board?

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