Want to create a piece of art


I want to make something like this. What sort of painting techniques and colors do I need

q want to create a piece of art
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  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Nov 01, 2019

    I would (if trying to keep costs low) purchase a pair of paintings the same size at Goodwill or similar. Hopefully they have the same frames to again keep costs low. Make sure the art you purchase is done on canvas!!!

    Paint the canvas white. You can do pretty much all of the project using just white, blue and black paints. Follow what you see in the pictures you've chosen, blending black & blue to make shades of navy. White and blue for the lighter blues. White and black for the grays. Gold leaf or gold paint goes on last. I KNOW you can do it!!

  • Grab a palette knife to layer thickly and it looks like black, white, blue, and gold.

  • Emily Emily on Nov 01, 2019

    As you see the pictures are flip sided, so if I wanted to do this, I would buy two unframed canvases, place them side by side, Paint the gold stripe by taping off the top and bottom of the stripe with the canvases pushed together. When that paint dries, use a spatula or any flat blade and apply the white, then blue paint thickly . . .again with the canvases pushed together, and using whatever strokes, etc that appeals to you. when dry turn one canvas around and hang on wall. My husband is an artist but this is not the type of work he does. You want something "abstract" and undemanding, so really there is not right or wrong.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 01, 2019

    Personally, I like to start with a blank canvas. Go with canvas panels if you want frames. Enlarge the picture for details and go with acrylic paint.

  • Rymea Rymea on Nov 02, 2019

    Use acrylic paint, a large brush and/or even a small roller. I like that the stripes aren't even. One is centered and the other is at the 1/3 point. It looks like the canvas was painted white and then the darker colors were added. Notice that the blue is not all the same shade. Also there are some blues and grays in the white. Do the gold last after you have the rest exactly the way you want it.

  • Sammy Sammy on Nov 03, 2019

    Rymea method seems correct except I would paint the canvas gray. Then changing the tones of the white & blue with the gray & possibly black for a deeper blue and use gold foil when the paid is dry . The gold foil would give a very rich and the uneven in the picture. I would love you to post your picture when completed. Good luck

  • Melissa Melissa on Mar 18, 2020

    I would recommend checking out minted.com and seeing if you could buy a 'stick on' wallpaper there.