LED Color-Changing Floral Centerpiece

Vicki decorates the tables at her church’s Mother’s Day Tea celebrations. This time, she made table centerpieces using lights, utilizing a Phillips Hue Go smart light to act as her hub - which we think is a great idea. Her base was the bottom of a cheese box. She painted it before gluing silk flowers to the edges. The Hue Go was put in the center and set to her ideal color scheme. Get tutorial here

Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars and Wine Bottles

Deb has combined burlap, lace, ribbon, twine and glitter to create unique, rustic jar and bottle wedding centerpieces. They incorporated heartfelt pictures of the newlyweds for their wedding reception. Deb used glitter on the wine bottles to add sparkle and other wraps and accents like lace, raffia, and yarn to create these meaningful centerpieces which look professionally-made. Get tutorial here

Faux Stone Centerpiece Ideal for an Elegant Celebration

These faux stone centerpieces are the ideal accompaniment to any upcoming grand wedding or event. Hometalker Tayra used three glass vases and bowls of varying sizes to create the “candelabra” structure. She sprayed the candelabra with texture paint to make the vase appear “stonier” before adding hydrangeas, bluebonnets and lavender for her finishing touch. Get tutorial here

Painted and Personalized Wine Bottles for Wedding Tables

These simple yet effective wedding centerpieces would add the ideal personal touch to any celebration. Hometalker Evija was asked to create wedding centerpieces using empty wine bottles. She painted and personalized them, matching them to the wedding reception’s color scheme. Then, she painted the names of the newlyweds and tied with ribbons and lace. Get tutorial here

Baby’s Breath Submersible Dining Table Centerpiece

For those hosting a Valentine’s Day supper for your loved one or an intimate dinner party with friends, these baby’s breath submersible centerpiece ideas are the perfect way to create a romantic mood. Hometalker Afloral uses clear glass cylinder vases in varying heights, artificial baby’s breath, floating candles, and submersible LED lights, ensuring natural textures and beauty. Get tutorial here

Succulent St. Patrick’s Day Dining Table Centerpiece

If you are hosting a fun St. Patrick’s Day party for family and friends, these heart-shaped-dishes-turned-clover-dishes can be the perfect centerpiece for any dining table. Combining lush greenery with cute succulents, Hometalker Tammy has created a design statement that is perfectly suited for St. Patrick’s Day - and also very easy to replicate. Get tutorial here

Rustic Table Centerpiece With Lush Foliage

Using a light-brown wood tray as the basis for her table centerpiece, Jo opted to fill it with a large candle and circular candle holder, surrounding the holder with decorative balls and fir cones. The foliage comes from the boughs of nearby trees to keep things natural. She also made sure to spray the boughs with hairspray to prolong their life. Get tutorial here

Lantern Table Centerpiece Ideal for Fall and Halloween

What better way to celebrate the arrival of fall and Halloween than with this lantern dining table centerpiece? This Hometalker opted to update this used lantern heirloom by spraying it white with Rust-Oleum paint. She started by adding a layer of floral foam before the moss and the feathered and white flower stems. The gold pumpkin finishes it off brilliantly. Get tutorial here

DIY Wreath-Style Christmas Centerpieces

This Christmas centerpiece came together very easily for Confessions of a Serial DIYer. She managed to create this festive centerpiece at the very last minute and still wowed her guests! The glass urn was filled with gold ornaments and sandwiched by a wreath-like swag. Delicate ivory candles were added either side, as well as white feather picks. Get tutorial here

Pumpkin-Inspired DIY Table Centerpieces for Halloween

This Hometalker’s sister made her own fall centerpiece. Using 1x6 board, a nail gun and plenty of stains, Woodshop Diaries’ sister built a sturdy box as the basis of her fall/Halloween decor. She then worked her magic, using crisp fall leaves, berries, candles and a string of pumpkins of all shapes to set the perfect mood for Halloween festivities. Get tutorial here

Converted CD Rack Makes for a Stunning Christmas Centerpiece

Looking for festive inspiration for a last-minute Christmas centerpiece? Check out Tami’s CD rack-turned-centerpiece. This converted CD rack is the ideal base for table decorations at Christmas. Tami layered the cherry-red base with more berries, foliage and gold-colored ornaments and accessories that glisten, which all surround a tall central candle. Get tutorial here

Spring Centerpieces Using a Hurricane Globe

Hometalker Becky used a hurricane globe as the basis of her Easter dining table centerpiece for family celebrations. She filled it with swirls of raffia she found kicking around in her craft drawer. The raffia was topped with “sugared” eggs to look like Easter eggs. Becky positioned the eggs in alternate colors to create a calming, tonal effect. Get tutorial here

DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideal for Boys and Girls

Hometalker Jennifer has created these strikingly unique baby shower centerpieces in the style of a pram adorned with dusky fresh flowers, ideal for moms-to-be that don’t know the sex of their baby yet. The prams are made using pantry boxes. The wheels are made of rods and toy wheels. The pram was aged using a textural paste and wrapped in lacy fabric. Get tutorial here

Cute and Practical Baby Shower Centerpieces for Moms-to-Be

Check out Hometalker Jillian’s diaper-inspired baby shower centerpieces. They aren't just cute, they're supremely practical as the mom-to-be can use the diapers for real in the near future! The patterned diapers are wrapped in pretty flowers and ribbons, while the vintage baby blocks add the perfect finishing touch for the baby shower. Guests won't even realize what these quirky but beautiful centerpieces are made of! Get tutorial here

Fun Frilly Pomanders as Baby Shower Centerpieces

Jessica turned to DIY pomanders for her last-minute baby shower centerpieces to add some fun, frilly decor around the candy buffet. Jessica created her own pomander centerpieces using cupcake liners. She pushed a pin through each cupcake liner before turning them inside out. The pin was then pushed into the foam ball, with the frilly liners facing outwards. Get tutorial here

Patriotic Table Centerpiece Ideas for 4th July

These fun, inexpensive centerpieces are ideal for 4th of July celebrations. Ivelisse used three empty glass jars before filling them with glue and patriotic food coloring to stain them, getting them ready for the glitter! She then traced the USA lettering onto the jars before spreading the glue and sprinkling the glitter over the traced letters for dazzling results. Get tutorial here

Valentines Day Centerpiece Ideas Using a Large Bouquet of Roses

To solve the problem of a floral bouquet of roses that is too tall for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece, Thea opted to create a lower yet equally beautiful floral centerpiece for her home. Using white floral filler and heart embellishments from a dollar store, Thea offsets the small central floral bouquet while hiding the stems and smaller vase that hides inside. Get tutorial here

Glass Jar Table Centerpiece Using a DIY Tabletop Crate

This super-cute farmhouse vignette incorporates a glass jar centerpiece inside a DIY tabletop crate, designed Adirondack style. The rustic crate was made using branches from Colleen’s yard. The crate was assembled with a nail gun while the central glass jar was filled with pastel flowers, with smaller jars either side of the crate adding texture. Get tutorial here

A Slice of Rustic Simplicity for Your Dining Table Centerpiece

There is nothing pretentious about Michelle’s rustic farmhouse table centerpiece. Using a gorgeous thick-cut slice of wood as the top and empty ale bottles as the top’s legs, it simply oozes character! The wood was sanded and given a food-safe varnish before Michelle drilled three holes for the bottle tops and added sprigs of lavender to keep the flies away. Get tutorial here

Unique Centerpiece Ideas Made Out of a Radiator Screen

This unique centerpiece works as a vase, a planter or even a utensil holder on any dining table. Brittany used PVC pipes as the top and base, with a radiator screen bent around the PVC pipework. Then, it’s up to you what to place inside each pipe. Whether you use it for cutlery, flowers or accessories, it’s a unique piece of architecture for any home. Get tutorial here