SK's $.50 French Lamp

3 Materials
2 Hours
SK saves an old lamp, bringing it to life with a French twist
Auctions are a blast...
A .50 cent lamp.

 A fat quarter of fabric (left-over).
3M Spray Adhesive.  I spray the surface, not the fabric. Once the fabric is in place, it is very difficult to re-position. Start at one side and gently pull the fabric over the glued surface, making sure there are no creases or bubbles.
The left-over beaded braid was originally  purple. Using chalk paint, I dyed the braid black. (Who knew you could do that?) After it had dried, I sprayed a gloss top coat so the beads would still look, well, like beads.

I hot glued the braid to the underside of the shade. Making sure that only the beads would show.
With scraps of my fabric, and a bit of black chiffon, I twisted it together to form a rose.

The center is a pretty, sparkly black button I hot glued into place. 
Using a watered-down bit of brown paint, I antiqued the fabric to a perfect aged patina.
Of course The Graphics Fairy is my top choice for all my specialty artwork.
Thank you Graphics Fairy. You are the best...

I printed out each of the butterflies, then flipped the image and printed them again.

Using  3M spray glue, a piece of curled wire was put on the back of each butterfly. I then glued like butterflies together back-to-back. This made a small wire for their antenna and a wire to glue under the fabric rose.  I bent the wings to a natural pose.
This gives it a little bit of fun, not normal... I have never been accused of being NORMAL.

I love flutterbies.

Thanks for visiting.

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Suggested materials:
  • Cotton fabric   (JoAnns Fabrics)
  • Beaded Braid   (JoAnns Fabrics)
  • Old Lamp   (Auction)
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