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As part of the 30 Day Flip Challenge, we were tasked with making "something from nothing." Thanks to and, I was able to create a fun new project from leftovers that have been taking up space in my workshop/garage.
wallpaper, door, oops paint & a mirror
We had a piece of an interior door left over from our June flip project where we turned a closet into usable office space. The door had become our desktop. I have a quiet addiction to "Oops" paint and seldom leave the home improvement store without a couple of them. I also love anaglypta wallpaper and had some left from an armoire makeover. Finally, a mirror that was purchased for a different project and wasn't used.
The wallpaper was adhered to the door piece, front and all four sides. I folded it around the back, but did not cover it. I'll probably cover the back with a piece of castoff felt. Unfortunately, the adhesive wasn't completely dry and my wallpaper slipped a bit, leaving a slight gap between pieces. I remedied that by adding a strip of leftover trim cut to size and painted to match.
love my paint pyramids!
These paint pyramids (I don't know the actual name) are great for keeping doors and flat projects up off the table so you can paint the sides.
The door is set up on the paint pyramids and ready for a base coat.
After putting on a base coat of grey/green, I added a bit of water and layered on shades of gray, sage and a bit of navy blue.
During the painting process. I simply went with my gut and added color until I got the look I wanted.
It seemed a little "blah," so I added a hint of my signature apple green.
I finished it off with a bit of dry brushed "navajo white" for a little brightness
I found some castoff drawer pulls in our stash of miscellaneous hardware and decided to add them as hooks to make my strip of trim make sense in the overall design.
The pulls were spray painted with "Ionized Bronze" paint from Ace Hardware. (This was leftover from last summer's task of refreshing our deck furniture)
Finally, I added the mirror by screwing through the back of the door and using a bit of construction adhesive for durability. I, then, attached the drawer pull/hooks and added black felt and hooks for hanging to the back side. I think this piece would be awesome in an entry, mud room, guest bath or home office.
Suggested materials:
  • Anaglypta Wallpaper   (Lowes)
  • Oops paint   (Home Improvement Stores)
  • Old drawer pulls
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