Two Versions of Rag Wreaths

Thanks to an awesome blogger I was inspired to make a rag wreath following her idea of using common, every day clothespins and wire wreath. It involved a lot of cutting ahead of time and tying and my carpal tunnel was giving me fits by the time I finished but they turned out great! They are now proudly displayed on the louvered doors of my daughter's laundry room. I used two shades of burlap and some pretty discounted canvas patterned fabric on one and the other was mostly muslin strips with some burlap and the same pretty fabric tied in it.
Here was how they started out. Wire wreath, clothespins, and fabrics cut into strips.
Lots of cutting and cutting and cutting!
Here's the finished product with using a majority of muslin. I like this one the best because it is much softer and there are no gaps showing wire.
This one (my daughter's favorite because she loves burlap) was more rustic since I left the burlap strings alone. I made sure to add enough fabric and burlap to cover the wire but if you saw it in person, there were some imperfections. But it still looked great!
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