Upcycled Candle Given a New Life!

Upcycled burnt down candle jar, flowers and an old belt become a beautiful candle holder that I can use over and over again.
Then with another upcycled candle I placed a new, scented thick votive on top of the burnt down candle.

Now I get the two scents together when I burn it and when that candle burns down I can put another votive or an e-candle in there and the bottom for double light.
I hated having to throw these candle jars away; they still smelled great but were down too low to burn.

So I glued the cover to the bottom for a nice base.

I got a bag of small flowers and a belt in a $3 fill a bag deal at a church bizarre and Gorilla Glue at Ocean State Job Lots for $5.

I glued the flower around the top making sure that I could safely place a votive jar in the top and burn a candle in there.

I cut the ends off of the belt and wrapped it around the middle so there was a grip to pick it up with.
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