Upcycled Plain Wall Lamp

5 Materials
2 Hours
I have been thinking about these wall lamps for about 10 months...
Ever since we moved into the flat, I noticed that these wall lamps could be found everywhere. Every single room in the flat had at least two of them. It felt like a waiting area in a GP surgery.  I had to do something about them.
I then bought a copper wire fruit basket, I had to cut it in half with heavy duty garden scissors (I borrowed them from a neighbour). You have to be careful not to damage the copper wire and cut it neatly. Then I took a thin white cord and tied it to the boring wall lamp. Following that I stuck on some waterproof duct tape to make sure I paint the lamp evenly. I painted the top of the wall lamp in pastel blue as well as copper. Once its dried up, remove the duct tape carefully.
The copper paint is from amazon where you can obviously find all sorts of things. I always read the reviews and make sure that the product matches my purchase. I got the pastel blue paint from a neighbour and it is a simple sample paint with a brush that is already included. And there we go, project completed. 
Suggested materials:
  • Copper wire fruit basket   (amazon)
  • Copper paint   (amazon)
  • Waterproof duct tape   (amazon)
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