Whisking Up Some Sun Catchers!

3 Materials
1 Hour
Do you have unused kitchen utensils sitting in your kitchen drawer? Do you have your grandmother's favorite tool, but don't use it? Do you have kitchen items that are no longer useful? If yes, read on!
I had bought a whisk because I loved the vintage looking handle. I dropped it on the floor and broke the handle! It's been sitting in a drawer for years.
This looked useful when I purchased but I must admit I have never used it.
This is the best whisk ever! But it has broken wires and every time you wash it you get stabbed! I've had it for a very long time.
So what do you do? My first thought was marbles so I hunted up my boys' old marble tin. Two of the whisks were perfect for holding marbles. Then I thought about what else I could add: crystals!
I found these and other small crystal beads on Amazon.
Using floral wire I added the crystals.
Remember the broken handle? Well I also found a broken marble that fit right into the hole and then I glued small crystals around it using marine glue.
I love it!
So happy with the handle...looks like it is erupting beads.
I was able to put both crystals and marbles in this whisk and then wrap the handle with additional crystals.
No glue necessary.
Just string the crystals and wrap around.
Shabby chic? !
I love seeing my favorite whisk with a new purpose
One of the comments below suggested adding flowers to the whisks. I had a miniature whisk that was rusted and just last week a bracelet broke so I had more beads to use. I broke apart the wires and strung the beads directly on and wrapped a few on the handle and I love those danglers so I added one. Then when I was looking in the ribbon drawer for something to hang my sun catcher with, I found a cute sparkly butterfly from the Dollar Store. It isn't a flower but ..... here you go.
Suggested materials:
  • Old whisks
  • Marbles and crystal beads
  • Floral wire and glue
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  • Denise Cox Denise Cox on Jun 13, 2017
    Your ideas are so creative! Will you please send me an email explaining exactly how you made the one in the picture that's after the one with the broken handle and its new crystal head. That one is my favorite but as I'm new to crafting I can't figure out how you did it. It's the round one with the marbles inside.
    Thank - you
    Denise Cox

  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin Sidney Rippy McLaughlin on Apr 18, 2018

    Genius! Why can’t my brain think of clever things like that?

  • D'Ann Foster D'Ann Foster on May 10, 2022

    Interested in the top pic. Would you explain more about that one?

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