Adding Some Colour to the Stairs

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1 Hour

So when the carpenter did the stairs in our house he left

this mdf exposed and it has always annoyed me since we moved in so I decided I’d jazz it up with some funky paper I found in


As you can see it’s very rough and not very pleasing to the eye!!! So I had to do something about it

I measured the length and width of the stairs and marked it out

Lay it flat on the floor to mark and cut it

it was awkward being so long and I didn’t want an join marks so I went length ways with it

Measuring and folding before cutting

i needed my mams help to fold this as it was soo long but we got there in the end!!

Using a big scissors to cut along the folded edge

Paste the full length of the paper once you have it cut to length and width

Starting with the awkward edge first working my way back

Using tissue paper to wipe the paste and air bubbles out but because this was soo dry it stuck very quickly!!!

I worked all the way back leaving enough edge on top to tuck over the top of the mdf and behind the carpet as the edge was very rough

Cut the excess along the top

Fold it over the top of the mdf - I added more paste so it would stick better & just press down until it fully sticks

Give it a final run with tissue paper or a cloth and your done

I love this paper!!!

And I think it makes a huge difference now everytime I walk down the stairs I love this pattern !!!

Suggested materials:
  • Paper
  • Paste
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