Buddha Pig Air Plant

Saw this air plant arrangement on Pinterest, what caught me eye was the glass container. I had the same one sitting in the garage, just waiting for something to happen.

I had bought some Crayola Model Magic for another project, it's an air dry modeling material, but you could use Sculpey or another clay-like substance.

Basically all you need to make this is two balls and a couple log shapes, then you can add on the details.

One ball for the body, a smaller one for the head. Made more balls and added them for the feet, hands, ears nose , eyes and little ball in hand. I used a ceramic cleaning tool that I had, which is not my norm. I usually use a dull pairing knife or butter knife.

Looking at my little guy...he didn't so much look like a pug, the nose kinda was funky shaped, and looked more like a pig...and every little pig needs a piggy tail!

Next step was the assembly, since I was going to use a live air plant I had to buy some sand. You could use sand, aquarium pebbles, or just whatever you would like. Just don't use any natural sand unless you wash it well to get natural salt off...could be detrimental to the plants you add later.

I painted him with some light grey craft paint. Didn't use any sealer since he wasn't going to get wet and I didn't want a gloss finish. I had some small pieces of coral-like sea bits, you could use small stones or anything you find interesting. Picked out an air plant that was kinda flat on one side and viola!!

Buddha Pug contemplating his Air Plantedness..

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