DIY Barn Wood Wall in Kitchen !!

3 Hours
Okay so i have this obsession with barn wood walls or furniture in general. I had this great idea one day when walking thru our kitchen that a wood wall would look great as an accent wall in there. So i started googling and seeing how other people had went about to creating their wood walls. I came across a very cheap and inexpensive way to create it. I went to our local LOWES (my favorite!) and bought single pieces of cedar wood privacy fencing. They were some where around $3 a piece but even cheaper for us with military discount. I always suggest to all my military friends out there to go to LOWES because they always give 10% off to military. Over all the wall only cost $60 to build. Granted the nails and labor only cost me a bowl of Chicken Buffalo dip thanks to the best man i know my dad!!! :) And it only took us three hours to do which i might add is pretty quick!!

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