DIY Floral Pallet Sign

1 Material
1 Hour
This DIY Floral Pallet Sign project is a really simple DIY that looks packs a big punch. This is a project kit from Home Made Luxe and each monthly project is like Pinterest in a box and contains all the materials you need to create DIY home decor projects like this one plus written and video instructions. You can grab this DIY FLoral Pallet Sign Project Kit here.
  • Wood Pallet
  • Laugh Lettering
  • White Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Glue Sticks
  • Felt


The White Flower

Felt Materials Needed: Black strip, 4 white petals, 2 large olive leaves

¨ Make the black center by taking the long black strip and starting at one end, roll it onto itself as tight as possible until the end. Glue the end closed with hot glue.

¨ Gather the white petals and apply a thin layer of hot glue along the bottom portion of one white petal and quickly apply it to the side of the black center. Do this process to the remaining 3 petals slightly layering them on the last white petal until you have wrapped the black center of the flower.

¨ Take the two largest olive leaves and apply hot glue to the bottom of one leaf and slightly layer the other leaf on top. Hold together until glue dry.

¨ Apply hot glue along the bottom of the two connected leaves and quickly apply to the side of the white flower.
Ivory Circle Flower:

Felt Materials Needed: Ivory spiral

¨ Take the pointy end of the spiral and begin rolling it onto itself as tight as possible. Keep rolling the spiral until you get to the round circle end.

¨ Apply glue onto the back of the spiral flower then press the round circle on top of the glue, like a cap.
Tan Petal Flower:

Felt Materials Needed: 14 brown petals, 2 smaller olive leaves

¨ Take 1 tan petal and put a thin layer of hot glue along the bottom straight edge of the petal. Then quickly roll that petal onto itself at the bottom. It will look like a tube, glued at the bottom end and open at the top of the petal like the center of a bud.

¨ Take the next petal and apply hot glue the same as above. Glue this petal to the first petal tube along the bottom. Continue this process applying petals all the way around the flower until you run out of petals.

¨ Glue 2 olive leaves together and apply the same way as the white flower's leaves.
Paint your Pallet and Laugh Sign

¨ Paint your wooden pallet and laugh letter sign with white paint or brown stain according to your preference. (See pictures of both options on cover page)

¨ Once dry, arrange flowers and laugh wording on pallet as desired. Use hot glue to secure.
Suggested materials:
  • Home Made Luxe Pallet Kit   (
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