DIY Floral Wall Hanging Dream Catcher

Cassie Benzinger
by Cassie Benzinger
6 Materials
40 Minutes

We are so excited to share one of my favorite projects so far – A DIY wall hanging dreamcatcher with two versions, this one with lamb’s ear and roses!

Step one: Tie a knot around the hoop with your finest (thin) cord and begin wrapping it around the entire hoop to cover the metal. Be sure to keep tightening the cord as you wrap. Tie off at the end.

Step two: Begin cutting your rope and lace that you will hang from the hoop. Some munchkin named Hank wanted to help out 🙂 When cutting the ribbon or cords, be sure to cut each piece double the size of the length you want.

Step three: Fold the cord in half, make a loop around the rope, and pull both strands through the loop. It should look like this photo.

You can also use hot glue to place the ribbons on the hoop. Another way to differentiate the cords and add more texture is to tie knots or braid a few thinner ropes together. Just cut three pieces, tie together a the top, then at the bottom and loop over the hoop.

Step four: Now, time for the floral wreath. You’ll follow all of the same steps as mentioned above until you get to place the lamb’s ear and roses on the covered hoop.

It’s best to hot glue the lamb’s ear first, behind the hoop – so on the side of the hoop that will be facing the wall when hung. Then you can begin placing the roses along the hoop and hot glue.

Remember again to hold each flower for about 10-15 seconds to give it proper time to dry. And you’re all done!

We hung ours in our garden-themed guest bedroom. The consensus is… we love it and so do our guests!

Another great part about this project is that you can make it with any kind or style of flowers, cord, ribbon, or succulents you want. We just want to give you a bit of inspiration and encouragement when going for it.

Suggested materials:
  • Metal or wooden hoop, you choose the size   (
  • Cotton rope cord   (
  • Lace ribbon in any style you want!   (
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Cassie Benzinger
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  • Martha Martha on Nov 21, 2019

    I love this! I just found a large wood hoop at a thrift store...been trying to decide what to do with it. This will be perfect 💚