Simple DIY Bamboo Ring Floral Hanging Design

10 Materials
20 Minutes

Hello everyone! Let me start by saying I appreciate every single one of you. Those of you who create these crafts with me, thank you! I hope to inspire and motivate those around me to start creating.

Today we're creating a simple hanging decoration using a bamboo ring from Dollar Tree. I'm positive you can find these bamboo rings at any of your local craft stores. If you're ready we will start creating your very own floral hanging design. icon

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Materials needed:

One medium size bamboo ring.--I purchased one pack that came with a medium and small ring. This pack was purchased at Dollar Tree. $1.25

Paint--I'm using white paint

Wall creations peel and stick home wall decals--I purchased this pack at Dollar Tree for $1.25

Faux tulips--I purchased this at Michael's craft store. If you hurry in they have a sale going on! I paid around $2


Hot glue

Floral snips/scissors

Optional --pink faux wildflowers

Start by taking your peel, and stick wall home decals and applying white paint. You will need around three coats of paint to completely cover them. In between coats, I used my heat gun to help with drying.

Next, take your bamboo ring, and twine. Take your twine, and begin to wrap it around one side of your ring. Once you have added the desired amount of twine around cut the end, and apply hot glue to the end. This will keep it in place.

Take your floral snips, and start to cut your tulips. I went with a shorter stem on each of them, but you can go longer if you choose.

Using your hot glue, apply a small amount to each of your tulips stems, and gently press your tulips over the twine that you had previously wrapped around your bamboo ring.

Fill this side of your ring with your tulips. Be sure to leave some of the twine exposed.

Next, take your painted houses, and add a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of each home.

I decided to add mine to the bottom of the bamboo ring near my tulips.

If you decide to add the pink wildflowers to your ring, take them, and add them between your painted houses.

Take some twine, and cut a strand. Be sure to cut a medium-length strand. Next, take the cut twine, and tie the twine on one section on the top of the ring near the top of the tulips. Tie off a knot. Take the other end of your twine, and do the same on the other end of the ring.

If you are noticing the twine shifting when you hang your floral design, you can add hot glue to the ends of the twine. This will help to keep your twine from shifting due to the weight of the tulips on one side of the bamboo ring.

You're all done! I love how simple this craft was. Let me know if you decide to create your very own. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll see you soon.


Suggested materials:
  • One Medium Bamboo Ring   (Dollar Tree)
  • Faux tulips   (Michael's)
  • Paint
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