Create Your Own Vintage Style Glass Door Sign!

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There are a heap of different ways to transfer graphics onto glass though this a great DIY option which looks super professional...and so cute!

I've summarised this tutorial slightly for Home Talk however you can find the complete how-to, and free printable sign, here on my blog.
When I recently made-over my parent's laundry room the plain glass panel in the exterior door was begging for something pretty.

As you can see from the before pic above, it was nice and neutral though not the most appealing of doors.
The first thing I did was design a graphic. You can do this in any image editing or desktop publishing program. If you like mine, you can even download it for FREE from my blog (link at end of post)!

I had the text portion of my sign cut from vinyl by an Etsy seller. This is super affordable and if you have a vinyl cutting machine would be easy to do yourself.

The direction hand was a different story. Far too intricate for a vinyl cutter I created my own transfer using waterslide decal paper.
To begin, I printed my graphic onto the decal paper then sprayed it with a light mist of clear sealer to protect the ink.
Once dry, I cut as neatly and closely as possible around the image before immersing it in lukewarm water for 30 – 60 seconds.
Next, I positioned the decal as desired, with the paper layer on the underside, then gently slid the paper out.

To finish I used a soft damp cloth to smooth out any air bubbles and creases.

Note: For the purpose of this tutorial I am attaching the decal to the glass from a picture frame as I failed to take photos when I attached it to the actual door. As a bonus, using the glass from a picture frame also makes for a super cute sign!
That's it!

Such an easy, affordable and effective little project that anyone can try.
The decal looks great from both inside and outside and adds a lovely vintage touch which is both charming and unique.

I hope you like it and that it helps inspire!

Visit my blog here for the full how to, further photos and all of the product source info.
Below is the finished laundry room. You can find the DIY mini barn door tutorial on my Home Talk profile page.

Kristine | The Painted Hive
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