DIY Old Dresser Mirror Into Chalk Board

I love Chalk Boards! Ever since I was little! My grandmother had a real sized old fashioned school chalk board in her basement that we used to play "school" with whenever we went to visit her ~ which was ALL the time! Although I couldn't have one that big in my kitchen I did the next best thing!
I bought an old bedroom dresser mirror from a flea market for $10. Took out the mirror and sanded that baby down :)
Once it was all sanded, I started staining it. I used stain with polyurethane already in it. Saved me so much time!
First coat finished....
Excuse the mess in my garage :/ It's my only place to store my "project" stuff.

Two coats of stain, no sanding needed in between coats and she's ready for the chalk board :D Notice it's upside down? That's because I used the "top" with the wide piece at the bottom to attach the chalk holders.
I picked up the chalk board at Home Depot!! LOVE that store! They come in big giant sheets for around $9.00, so I cut it to size, attached it like you would a mirror. Then I took two handles I had left over from when I changed the handles on my kitchen cabinets and hung them upside down. I hung this baby on my kitchen wall and Love it! It's used ALL THE TIME. Below you'll see some of them, but since I live with all "men" there are a lot of them I can't / couldn't / wouldn't post on here! Sitting here shaking my head.... Men!!
~ Holidays ~
~ Birthdays ~
Ok, and just this one ... from my youngest son, to let me know that our dog Lola went to the bathroom on her walk.... and that's a mild one.... still sitting here shaking my head!

Hope you like it! The actual black board... Not the doodie Lola picture. LoL
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  • This is such a beautiful piece and it even has a place for the chalk! I recently turned an old frame into a chalkboard for my daughters room.

    • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on Jun 11, 2015
      @Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom Did you post it? I would love to see it! Thank you so much for your kind words! :D