How to Make Chic DIY Textured Wall Art With Old Bedsheets

by Rohina

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you how to make this incredible DIY textured wall art. This textured wall art will perfectly accent any room, and it doesn’t have to be white. You can paint it any color you like.

Tools and materials

  • Piece of fabric
  • Canvas
  • Water based glue
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Plastic cups
Prepping the fabric

1. Prepare the Fabric

Take a piece of fabric, such as an old pillowcase or any fabric you have available.

Lay the fabric on your canvas to determine the size you need. It should cover the entire canvas with some excess around the edges.

Creating folds with the sheets

2. Create Folds

Make a few folds on the fabric, experimenting until you achieve the desired shape and texture. Take your time with this step to ensure you're happy with the result.

Glue-water mixture

3. Apply Glue-Water Mixture

In a container, create a mixture of water and glue. Adjust the ratio to approximately two-thirds glue and one-third water for better results. Mix the glue and water thoroughly until well combined.

Using a paintbrush, start applying the glue-water mixture generously all over the fabric and canvas.

Ensure the entire fabric is completely wet and soaked in the mixture while maintaining the folds.

Pinch and manipulate the fabric's extremities to shape the folds as tall and sturdy as you desire.

Take your time with this step to create the perfect shape for your textured canvas. Press and secure the fabric on the back to hide the edges.

Adding more shadow in the folds

4. Paint

Once the textured fabric canvas is completely dry (usually after one day), it's time to paint your artwork.

Choose the color(s) you want for your painting and apply the paint generously all over the fabric. The fabric will absorb more paint than you expect, so use plenty of paint to cover the entire canvas thoroughly.

Pay special attention to painting inside every fold to ensure they are well covered from different angles. You can also add some shadows in the folds to make them even more prominent.

Sanding down the artwork

5. Sand

Sand down any rough unfinished edges.

DIY textured wall art

DIY textured wall art

Hang your finished fabric-textured canvas art on the wall and enjoy your unique and creative masterpiece! Remember, you can always experiment with different fabric textures, colors, and canvas sizes to create personalized and stunning artwork for your space. Have fun and let your creativity flow!

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  • Marguerite Millis Marguerite Millis on Aug 09, 2023
    l love the concept and plan to try and make one of my own! I was wondering why you didn’t use some color in yours? I was thinking of using shades of blue and make it look like waves
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