Do You Have a Pencil...Create a Shiplap Wall!

So here's the deal...we have this great cottage up north that I am itching to remodel. However, since we really aren't ready to do anything crazy at this point, and because I am very impatient, I decided to attack one wall in the kitchen this past Saturday and I added Shiplap...with a Pencil!
Yes, it's cheating, but guess what, it didn't cost me dime and that is the best part!! You guys, really, it looks awesome! Do a little measuring, use a level, sharpen your pencil a few times and have fun. The trick is to thicken and shade your lines a little to make it look like you have gaps.
Yes, I confess, I am one of how many that have jumped on the Shiplap bandwagon and I LOVE it! Between our home in town and cottage up north, I fear there is going to be a lot of Joanna Gaines inspired walls being added throughout both homes.

I will be completing the rest of the kitchen but as I stated earlier, I am impatient-in other words, I couldn't wait to share this with you. So sharpen a pencil or two and add a little Shiplap to your home, you will love the end result.

*Note: paint sealer over your lines to protect from being rubbed or erased.
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  • Lisa Lisa on May 28, 2018

    What kind of sealer and does it dry clear so it won't stand out and you see a shiny line and so you use a small paint brush just to get the pencil and not the rest of the wall

  • Sandy Sandy on Jan 27, 2019

    Could a carpenter's pencil be used to draw the lines?

  • Kim Possible Kim Possible on Dec 02, 2019

    does you walls have any texture on it?

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  • Shelli Shelli on Oct 07, 2018

    Very nice and rich looking too. Great idea 💡

  • KateyV KateyV on May 26, 2020

    Awesome. Too bad you couldn't show us exactly what you did/used and what you meant by shadowing.

    • Thanks Kate...Basically all you are doing is this: You decide how wide you want your "shiplap". Let's just say you want your shiplap 6 inches wide. Starting at the top of the wall, measure 6 inches down and put small marks on your wall. Using a big level (so you can make sure your lines are level, you draw your lines across the wall. You keep repeating this down the wall.

      Shadowing is where you lightly rub your finger across the lines here and there to create the effect of little gaps and depth.

      Let me know if this makes sense. Good luck!