11 Tips to Take Your Own Family Photos

The season is upon us! Holiday cards (or Christmas cards), family photos, falling leaves, Thanksgiving and before you know it, Christmas! Yikes! So before this time of year gets too crazy, it is important to plan if you want family photos! And this year, my husband suggested we do something a little crazy: take our own family photos!
So we decided to take our own family photos this year and they turned out great! And so I am sharing my top 11 Tips to Successfully Take Your Own Family Photos!
1. Know how to rock your equipment

You don't need expensive equipment to get great photos. But know how to use the equipment you have. But a camera with a timer or a remote and a tripod is a must.

2. Location

Pick a great location and it can make your photos amazing! Check out my suggestions on my blog.

3. Lighting and Timing

The most flattering outdoor photos can usually be taken in the morning or just before dusk. But it is important to scope out the location and the direction of the sun prior to planning photos.

4. Have a Plan

Think ahead about location, poses, logistics and timing. But be prepared to change the plan!

5. Clothing

Find clothing that coordinates, not matches. Layers look great in photos, but avoid too many busy patterns.

6. Poses

Plan a few traditional photos but be sure to capture the candid moments too!

7. Props

A few props can enable you to snag photos that otherwise might be a bit difficult. Stop by my blog for my list of favorite props!

8. Begin with the hardest shot first

Children will only last so long for photos so be sure to grab the most important photos first: the whole family photos. Then grab a few individual photos of your children and finally take a few couples photos if desired.

9. Take lots of photos

Take lots of photos to ensure you have a few that turn out well! With digital photography it is easy to just delete the photos you don't like.

10. Capture personalities, not a perfect photo

The point of family photos is to capture your family, and their personalities, not to create the "perfect family" photo.
You can see more details on each of my tips PLUS a Bonus Tip on my blog!

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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