How to Place a Rug Under a Bed: Area Rug Placement

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Just similar to the the living room, area rug placement in the bedroom is always a matter of taste and figuring out what elements are the most important to you. So, again, I hate to say it but there are no rules, just guidelines to help you make your decision. Of course, we all want something soft underfoot when we get up especially if the floor is tiled while hardwood floor can be okay to step on. Some people want the rug to extend beyond the bed area and to be placed under the night tables. Others can’t care less. Here below are some examples of the area rug placements together with my comments and obsessively curated area rugs I found for you. I hope will help you with your own choices of the area rugs for your bedroom.
Pretty Pink Bedroom {Image Source:}Here the area rug placement is such that the night tables are not on the rug. This beautiful and feminine bedroom boasts a very pretty area rug with a one-directional pattern.  Turning the rug the other way was not an option. Instead of a larger underfoot coverage by the bed area, the rug extends to cover the sitting area uniting the two functions of the bedroom- lounging and sleeping.
A decidedly bohemian vibe of this bedroom is carefree and casual. Rustic, country elements coexist with contemporary black and white prints showcasing countryside scenes. The area rug placement is not important for those who live here. They would rather display the full pattern of the area rug!
Ahhh, don’t you want to get under the blanket in this cozy bedroom? It is all about textures. A thick area rug is underfoot as soon as you get up in the morning. Its natural texture makes you feel warm and comfortable. Feminine and masculine elements and colors are doing a “happy dance” here. Rough brick wall and geometric patterns of the wall art are juxtaposed with the softness of the textiles. Mixed metal colors add interest. How cool is this warm bedroom!
A small bedroom is designed so that it can function well without feeling space deprived. The bed is with the legs so that vacuuming and cleaning are easier under a flat weave area rug. The area rug is thin and its color creates unity with the colors of the upholstered bed and the bedding. The textures are playing with each other. A lighting pendant is strategically installed on the ceiling to empty a small bed dresser for books and magazines. A separate working area is created with a floating desk area and a beautiful wood wall panel that extends to the ceiling making a visual impact. The bookshelves are tucked in the corner.  A small footprint chair works perfectly by the desk area.
Here is another example of an ingenious design concept. This is obviously a guy’s room that provides for many storage options, both under the bed and within the furniture.  It has a working area as well as a creatively designed sitting area so that the guests can collaborate on a project with ease. The construction is a no-nonsense organic structure at different levels for working, sitting and entertaining.  The area rug placement is underfoot as it defines the sleeping area of the bedroom.
Softness and glamor coexist in this tiny bedroom with no option for an area rug. Instead, a fluffy pelt touches the overworked feet of the ballerina when she gets up moving forward instead of sideways. It is obviously not a problem for her to get up this way!
A successful pattern on pattern design concept is a lot of fun here! Black and white textured area rug placement is underfoot. Its pattern is juxtaposed with a checkers of the bedding. Black and white geometry is broken with bright coral accents and a herringbone design of the wallpaper. The room is both masculine and feminine. It is simple but yet sophisticated.
Soft blush of the pelt and the accent pillow works perfectly with white, dusty blue and natural wood tones. An area rug is not important here, it is just a small area to step on.
Fresh, simple, but yet classy look of this bedroom appeals to someone who feels a need for uncluttering and rejuvenating after a long day. Beautiful ivory and charcoal draperies colors pick up from a large rug. The area rug takes up a major part of the room giving it a simple but sophisticated look. Creams and beiges of the bedding and the light fixture are pretty. The two color schemes are interesting together but a bit disconnected to my taste. It feels like something is missing here.
Rustic country chic style received a fresh twist as it looks very contemporary in the bedroom. An area rug placement is perfect for a yoga practice or a meditation. Just use the floor pillows for support and you are all set.
Natural elements are in the cornerstone of this design. A rugged area rug is underfoot grounding and connecting you with earth, reminding you that you are a part of the universe, a part of nature, charging you with a sacred energy every morning! Love that!
Suggested materials:
  • Naturals Lucia Achelle Area Rug   (Jaipur)
  • NTS02 - Natural Santo   (Jaipur)
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