How do I use self adhesive vinyl floor planks?


I am considering putting in self adhesive vinyl floor planks, do you have any advise

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Apr 05, 2019

    I've used these in several rooms and they look like real wood! My advice is to lay them out on the floor before you peel the paper off in case you want to move them around. Also, don't use a whole tile at the edges of the walls since this won't look real--- work from the middle outward. Some vinyl planks can be grouted, which makes them look even more natural--- read the boxes for specifics. I cut mine with heavy duty scissors.

  • Make sure whatever you're sticking them to is super super clean and try using a adhesive primer. They don't always stick very well.

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 05, 2019

    Hi Annie, most important, start with clean dry sub floor, or concrete, then snap a chalk line for a start point to keep it straight.

  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 06, 2019

    Hi ! I bought some peel and stick vinyl floor planks off Amazon to use in my laundry room . We loved them so much that we bought more to use in our entry way , kitchen and both bathrooms ! They were easy to use , and they have held up well . As for the sticking part , we did not put down an adhesive first...and our planks held down , we just have one plank out of all the rooms that lifts a little so we need to glue that one down.

    Make sure your floor is super clean , no dust or dirt . I was told the planks don't work well when put over a textured surface. Another thing to consider is the "repeat count" you want something to have, at the minimum 5 different looking planks , so it looks natural . Another thing to look for is the thickness of the plank , compare them..some seem to thin , like they won't hold up to a lot of wear and tear...ours was thin enough to cut with kitchen scissors or a carpet cutter. Also texture ! That was one of my favorite things about my planks, they had a nice texture , I think that is good for safety , especially anywhere water might get on them , if they aren't textured , when wet , the can be slippery. Good luck !

  • Melanie Melanie on Apr 06, 2019

    Hi, as everyone has stated make sure your floor is very clean, adding to that if your floor has any kind of wax or shine to it remove it first as your flooring will not adhere to it.

  • Kami Kami on Apr 06, 2019

    I love how smart and helpful every one is! And the cleaning/prep is the work part. The only item I have is that I covered my old floor with the new one. I had to clean it with out damaging the old floor bad because it had asbestos in it and was textured. So I cleaned it then sealed it with ploy mixed with a sand like material to help new floor stick.

  • Anonamouse5 Anonamouse5 on Apr 06, 2019

    I have used Luxury Vinyl Planks in Coastal Oak in two rental remodels this past year. They look awesome and are very durable. Even though they are fairly flexible, they click together at the edges, they're not peel-and-stick. Home Depot carries them.

  • Virginia Virginia on Nov 20, 2019

    Do not. Eventually some may loosen up. If U must nail them down.