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I love the wildly popular show Fixer Upper, on HGTV! In fact, I think probably most people who have seen it, appreciate it. Joanna is an extremely talented designer, and Chip, her husband appears to be really excited to bring her designs to fruition though his carpentry skills. Plus their obvious love, commitment and respect for each other in their marriage is so refreshing, I think that’s got to be half of their crazy popularity. I was inspired while watching the Fixer Upper ‘House of Symmetry’ episode… the vintage looking scale… it’d be perfect for the dining table to have growing grass in a vintage scale!

Here are some tips on successfully growing grass inside and a link to the exact same vintage looking scale…

I mentioned the ‘House of Symmetry’ episode… it is one of my favorite Fixer Upper projects… well… ok… so most of them are my favorites. Anywhoo… here’s a quick look at the ‘House of Symmetry’ project:

The thing that really caught my eye was the scale on the coffee table. I have a couple of antique and vintage scales in our 100 year old house, and something about the shape of that scale, unique to the ones I already have, just seemed to be calling my name.

Long story short… it wasn’t easy to find!

But I’ve saved you the work, and have the exact link for this scale HERE!

It is a decorative reproduction, thus it doesn’t really work as a balance scale. Which is actually a good thing, or the plants, soil and water on each side of the ‘scale’ would need to be nearly exact so as to not have the ‘scale’ looking all crooked if not perfectly balanced.

I didn’t want the scale for on a coffee table like Joanna used hers, I wanted mine for the table in our dining room.

In the past, I’ve grown grass on the table for spring… but I thought it’d be fun to change up the rustic wooden box for something with a little more height.

This was the grass from a previous year in that DIY wooden box. There's a link for it on the full post over at

This Spring, I decided to do something different on the table, so after I spent some time searching and searching for the iron scale, it took days actually to find it! I ordered it and decided, yes,

indeed it looked great on the dining table, but wanted a little green growing in the scales, (again sort of like Joanna did) I decided to do what I usually do in the spring and grow grass in them.

The top of the scale has this sweet bird detail.

I used potting soil starter mix, and recommend doing so for seed planting. It’s formulated with just the right mix for starting seeds in.

For the actual grass seed, I had some sun and shade mix, but I highly recommend using grass seed for dense shade (when planting indoors) For sure I wouldn’t recommend using grass seed intended for full sun, it’s just not going to be happy inside with limited sunlight.

After I scooped the potting mix into the pots, I set them on the drain board of the sink and filled them with water… over and over and over, until what was once very dry mix, finally all became moistened.

Take your time and get it all moist! The seeds need it.

Then I sprinkled, very generously, seeds on the top of the moist soil, and finished with a light sprinkling of more potting soil.

The last thing was to cover the tops with plastic wrap, which I poked several holes in with a toothpick. That allowed a little air movement, but still held most of the moisture in the soil.

In only about 1 week the seeds sprouted, at which point I removed the plastic wrap.

In less than 2 weeks, the pots are filled with wonderful green growing grass. So you still have time to get some planted for this Spring!

I really like that the reproduction scale makes a subtle statement on the table, without being overwhelming… and that it’s not too large. We use the table every day, for homework, mail, eating supper and game playing, so to not have to remove and replace the centerpiece is very much appreciated.

I can see the scale in fall with mini gourds, or christmas with vintage ornaments… or even just empty…

Hope you'll stop by and see more inspirations at

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  • Sadiemilner2014 Sadiemilner2014 on Feb 28, 2017
    beautiful! And where did you find the scale?

  • Rhonda Eaton Rhonda Eaton on Feb 28, 2017
    Do you have any problem with bugs? I've tried growing my own grass indoors for my pet bird but always gets infested with little knats.

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