How to Keep Large Plant Pots Light Enough to Move Around

Francina Amedeo
by Francina Amedeo
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I had purchase geraniums in the Spring and they've flourished beautifully outdoors over the summer. I bought larger pots to repot my geraniums before bringing them indoors for the winter and then realized, once the pots get filled with earth, they will be heavy to move around so i came up with a simple solution that cost me absolutely nothing icon
After having found the right pot and potting soil, I measured and used an exacto knife to cut the bottom of an empty water gallon so that once turned upsidedown in the pot, it would fill 1/3 of the space inside the pot.
With work sheers I snipped some holes around the bottom edge of the water gallon to allow for water drainage as my new pots don't have holes on the bottom.
I placed the bottom half of the cut gallon upsidedown in the bottom of the plant pot.
I then proceeded to fill the space around and above the plastic with potting soil leaving a well in the middle to fit my geranium (with it, most the original soil it was planted in).
I added more soil to cover the plant's roots and my geranium now sits atop the hidden, inverted plastic water gallon bottom, making my pot light enough to move around without straining my back. I made sure to water both repotted geraniums and 2 weeks later, seeing how my geraniums survived their move and are as pretty as ever, I proceeded to repeat the process with my third geranium. I decided to take pictutes of the steps as I went along in hopes that this simple solution is one that will come in handy to others as well.

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  • Beth Beth on Oct 21, 2017

    I have geraniums I would like to save this year, I have a good size deck off of my apt, but really no where but in my apt to put them. Any ideas?

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  • WendyM1960 WendyM1960 on Dec 04, 2017

    I put styrofoam or packing peanuts in the bottom of my big pots, I always have so much styrofoam and no way to recycle it until now. Work like a charm and you have a massive root ball and healthy plants.

  • SLCBrenk SLCBrenk on Dec 06, 2017

    it is also a great way to get rid of your packing peanuts. My wife and I use those on a regular basis to scale back on the amount of dirt and allows for drainage