Horseshoe Butterfly

4 Materials
30 Minutes
Hey, I like to try and make things for around my house and garden using mainly old and scrap materials. This project was made from bits and pieces I had lying around my garage. I don’t throw away anything as I think it will always have a use in the future!
This is an easy welding project. The materials needed are 4 horseshoes (roughly the same size) some ½ inch re-bar and two nails. Have a look at the video above to watch how I made this butterfly or have a look at my guide below. The horseshoe butterfly starts at the 8 minutes and 4 seconds.
Firstly I set out the position of the horseshoes and re-bar flat on a table.
I welded the shoes together on each side but not to the re-bar just yet.
The whole butterfly could be welded flat but I decided to put the wings at an angle so it would appear to be in flight. I did this by using a piece of wood to prop it up to the required angle as I welded it together.
I cut two nails to approx 2 inches and weld them to the re-bar to act as eyes. *TIP a vice or vice grip to hold the nails when cutting to avoid injury*
And that’s it…the finished butterfly. I hope you like it. You could also customize it by welding nuts and washers into the wings to act as a design on the wings.
If you like this project, I have more to view on my Youtube channel :
Suggested materials:
  • Horseshoe   (farrier)
  • Re-bar
  • Nails
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