What is this plant??


Any idea what this is? I cannot remember planting here…thank you

q what is this plant
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  • Betsy Betsy on Jul 22, 2021

    Hi Diane: It looks like a Morning Glory to me.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 22, 2021

    Looks like a weed that is way over grown

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 23, 2021

    I don't think it's a morning glory. More likely something a bird dropped. You can watch it awhile and see if it flowers, giving you more to go on. Enjoy the mystery!

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari on Jul 23, 2021

    Use the app, picture this to figure it out!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jul 23, 2021

    It's a weed/tree delivered by Mother Nature, definitely not a morning glory, you'd see twisty vines. This has a trunk with branches.

  • The leaves look like Morning Glory, but if you don't remember planting it, it could be Bindweed - a bird may have dropped the seeds.

  • Jackson Jackson on Jul 23, 2021

    It looks like my tree. Check my pictures.

    If it is one like that, I can give you lots of information

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    • Jackson Jackson on Jul 23, 2021

      I am quite sure that s what it is. If you rub a leaf between your fingers, it gives a smell that I always connect with the zoo, when you go see the lions. I cut my tree every year and it has grown into a beautiful shape, it blooms every year, but it is as high as my three story house and I only planted it in 2007, which is the first picture I posted. The problem that I have with this tree are the roots. They are already under my garage, under the complete front yard and heading for the neighbors. And some of those roots are as thick as my arm. They can do a lot of damage. Other than that - it is beautiful. Last fall I cut it down to the trunk, because I had planned to take it out completely with the help of some friends. Then we could not find the time and it is just as big again as it has been before I took the chainsaw to it. Even though I will probably cry, this fall it has to go. I can´t afford to pay for the neighbors plastered yard to be repaired. My brother has a huge garden and he has 15 of those trees.

  • Jackson Jackson on Jul 23, 2021

    Catalpa speciosa

    is the name of it. You can have the most beautiful tree, if you know how to treat it. It will bloom and grow like crazy.


  • Diane White Diane White on Jul 24, 2021

    Thank you

  • Cathymcarty Cathymcarty on Jul 25, 2021

    looks like a wild mornglory

  • Maura White Maura White on Jul 31, 2021

    Use the app PlantSnap and it helps you ID plants.

  • I use the app iNaturalist to identify plants, it's free and works pretty well. It does look like morning glory and if it is, pull it, it's hugely invasive.

  • Mimi Mimi on Aug 01, 2021

    I believe it is Japanese Knotweed, it is a VERY invasive plant. You can try to suffocate it with heavy duty black visqueen plastic or tarps letting no sun or water in for about a year. You can paint the leaves with concentrated RoundUp. If you dig it up leaving even the tiniest bit of the plant it will regrow. It grows from rhizomes that spread horizontally and up to 3 feet underground. It is so pervasive in UK that you have to get rid of it before you can sell your property. I tried using salt, Dawn & vinegar for a whole summer with no success.

  • Deb K Deb K on Aug 01, 2021

    I agree, def, Japanese knotweed, you need to get rid of it, hope ths helps you out,

    Glyphosate-based herbicides have been found to be the most effective at controlling Japanese knotweed. There are however many herbicide products that use glyphosate, and some are better than others. RoundUp that can be bought from shops will not kill knotweed.