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I was introduced to this very interesting man with quite a sense of humor a few years ago on Facebook, through Leo Windham another friend. He said ,"Paul is quite a character and he starts his posts with the words "Hellfire"." Paul in turn has introduced me to so many dear friends that I have yet to meet. I feel as though I know them all and each is special. He draws interesting people around him and shares with all. It is amazing that one man can attract so many good people and share such love that we all know it! He brightens each day for us! Join me now as I showcase this special man, his family and his love of gardening!
I mentioned that Paul likes to make what he calls 'Country Hellfire Quotes'. I will share some of them here today throughout this post.
Paul loves to grow tomatoes and from the pictures I've seen he is a mighty fine cooker of fried green tomatoes as well! Paul grows his gardens Organically, and chooses Heirloom Varieties of tomatoes to grow from seeds!
Look at these beauties
I can only imagine the time and work that has gone into growing them.
Little Tomato Growing Advice From Paul
"When you plant small new tomatoes always put Epsom Salt in da hole to help with da greenery and on both sides of your young plant put a toothpick about half way into da earth. This keeps a cut worm from wrapping around da plant and killing it."
"I get up early to work da earth, I'm kind to Mother Nature and in turn she is kind to me....I use no pesticides". "I hang with my hoe everyday keeping da garden weed free."
Here he is cooking Fried Green Tomatoes for friends
Paul with his lovely wife Lana. They are such nice people. You can read more about it at the website HibiscusHouse.
Take a look at this fence!
I love the rough hewn look
Paul and Lana are very creative
The huge azaleas were so full of blooms
Look at the zucchini! Paul 'Papa Bear' has such a green thumb.
To learn more about this excellent gardener and extraordinary man go to the link below for more of the story.

Dolly Sarrio
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