A Rustic Black Desk

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This rustic desk was refurbished by Cait from Little City Farmhouse with Liquorice, Smoky Quartz glaze, and Tough Coat!
Hello readers!

I am so excited to share this project with you! This desk has been a real labor of love.
I found the desk on a local buy and sell site and it wasn’t in the greatest shape. The top of it was covered in layers of heavy duty vinyl that were stapled on. I knew that didn’t stand a chance of staying, so as soon as I got the desk home I pulled it all off. Underneath was this old, gorgeous, planked top! I sanded it smooth and gave it two coats of Tough Coat.
The rest of the desk is very rustic – a lot of dings and dents and rough edges. I wanted to embrace the character this desk had, but I wanted to give it some real presence. I painted it in two coats of Liquorice. When it was dry, I glazed it with the Smoky Quartz glaze. I wiped off most of the glaze, only leaving it in places that highlighted the character. It’s a very subtle finish, but just what I was looking for! I gave it a coat of Tough Coat to seal it.
This is such a unique piece with so much character. Paint really helped bring this desk back to life and make it a real statement piece!
Suggested materials:
  • All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Tough Coat   (Country Chic Paint)
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