April's Ballet Studio

A client came to me after visiting my Shoppe and said "I want my ballet studio to look like your Shoppe." She brought me a sad little desk and liking my style, wanted me to paint and distress it. That was how the room started. I'm sorry I don't have before pics. I typically dive right into a project without thinking about it and before you know it, its too late :-(
This picture was taken while she was deciding which knobs she wanted. She went with the yellow ones which I was happy about because that was my first choice. Even though it isn't mine I just think they look better with this piece so it was a good choice.
This pitiful little slipper chair was in my storage forever just waiting for the right client to come along, and she did! It was in need of a lot of love.
I removed the old fabric and tufting because it was getting a slipcover. Like me she prefers them to reupholstering for easy removal and washing. After tightening, gluing and nailing I added some padding and a few layers of batting to make it extra cushy for her to put her ballet slippers on.
It's ready for a new dress. She wanted a cottage/shabby chic looking fabric so I brought her a few to choose from. Again she picked my favorite-this girl has great taste lol :-) At $70 per yard times 3.5 yards (not including batting, foam, lining) this chair was the most expensive thing in the room!
It did turn out beautifully though. I wanted to keep it!! I know it looks like the stripes are off but that part near the back of the seat tucks in so that is easily adjustable. I just didn't notice it until after I took the picture.
I made this shelf from an adirondack chair that was falling apart. I waste NoThInG!! lol She purchased the things on the shelf from my shoppe and used the hooks below for hanging her exercise bands.
I made this message board from an old window. It has 2 chalkboards, 2 places for pinning notes, 1 dry erase section and 1 with wire and clips for notes or pictures. She bought the inspire wooden letters from me and they fit just perfectly up there. I did not attach them so she can move them around if she gets tired of them there.
I painted, distressed and aged shutters with glaze then hung them on either side of the mirrors. She has a mirror on each side of the room. Since there were outlets where 2 of the shutters were going, I had to cut a space in them to accommodate those outlets. You can see one of them if you look at the shutter on the bottom in the reflection. I also made a sign to go above each mirror. One says "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet" I never heard it before, but it sounded good so why not? The other one is very common, but I like it. It says "Dance like no one is watching" These were both painted on barn wood. I've been making signs for years and still have a whole stack of the stuff haa!!
I hung PVC pipe above the mirrors and wrapped them with tulle and lights. I know someone will ask if that will catch on fire. My answer would be, I had lights and fabric hanging in my shoppe, burning for 8 to 9 hours a day six days a week for 8 years so its highly unlikely. Those lights really don't get hot enough.
Here is the desk in its new home with a lamp she got from me also~She apologized for making my pretty shelf look yucky with her bands but I said, I made it for you to USE it and that's a perfect place for them.
She wanted Studio A painted on her door so that's what she got!! This also has a clear glaze over it to protect it if she needs to wipe down the door.
The desk and chair are so pretty, I want them back. All the décor you see around the room was purchased at Angel View Cottage.
It was very hard getting pictures of the whole room at once because it is not a very big room at all. She needed as much floor space as possible, but I think I captured exactly what she wished for with the simple changes I made. We just need to add some window treatments and a pretty chandelier. She is having trouble deciding on one since we have so many to choose from.

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