Does anyone have ideas for sprucing up the interior of my RV?

I live in my 1989 Sprinter 28 ft. Travel trailer RV. I am getting very tired of looking at the outdated wood panelled walls, trim ,cupboards etc. as well as the 1980's Dusty Rose coloured palette that the blinds , curtains and upholstered valance covers, sofa and kitchen seating area is upholstered in throughout my entire home. I am thinking about taking down the dusty rose colured mini-blinds and making roman blinds for all the windows . I have several windows in my living/dining/ kitchen area( 5 med-lg sized)and (2 sm & 1 lg in the bedroom). I need some modern ideas for window coverings, valance covers that give privacy and are fairly easy to sew as I am able to sew and do my own upholstery. But unfortunately I lack the ideas for the entire place to blend well together without it looking to busy. I do not mind painting either to give the place a lift from the honey coloured panelling throughtout . PLEASE help me bring my RV into 2017 ! P.S I also have 2 cats  Toot & Jinx so I would like something that they wont crawl up and down on LOL!

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