How to make our flooring non-slip without using wall-to-wall carpeting

We have big dogs that shed copiously and we installed dark, dog-hair-matching carpet tiles in our long hallway to keep them from slipping on our hallway floors. They have since passed away and I'm into deep cleaning and dog slip-proof flooring throughout the house. When we remodeled, we put down Pergo snap-together flooring, except for the long hall, and we have non-slip ceramic tiles in the kitchen and two bathrooms. Any suggestions?
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Bathroom tiles
q how to make our flooring non slip without using wall to wall carpeting, flooring, pets, pets animals, Dining room with our sweet girl
Dining room with our sweet girl.
q how to make our flooring non slip without using wall to wall carpeting, flooring, pets, pets animals, Practically wall to wall dog beds and ugly non slip scatter rugs the in living room Right now we have an indoor outdoor large carpet in the living room which actually works well We re big dog people and always will be so we need to keep them from slipping and injuring themselves I m not looking for a glamorous home just a reasonably attractive safe home for them
Practically wall-to-wall dog beds and ugly non-slip scatter rugs the in living room. Right now, we have an indoor-outdoor large carpet in the living room, which actually works well. We're big-dog people and always will be, so we need to keep them from slipping and injuring themselves. I'm not looking for a glamorous home - just a reasonably attractive, safe home for them.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 11, 2015
    First I will say I too am a dog person with three of my own who also shed.My only solution to to see if a large maybe eminent is available in a Berber carpet which will suffice in the slipping and will stand a lot of doggie traffic. If you have a discount carper warehouse where you are located it is worth looking into.

  • Carole Carole on Dec 11, 2015
    Sisal or sea grass rugs gives the dogs enough traction to walk without slipping and I don't think it is that expensive. You need to watch the sea grass rugs though as I have found that they shed sand in the house. Who knew eh? Our dog takes everything to our rug to eat as it has good traction and nothing slides away from her. She recently sustained an injury to her tricep muscle in her left front leg and I wonder if that is due to our slippery tiles - she does run around on them. We moved our lounge rug to the tiled area to give her more traction when she walks so she won't slip. Keeping their nails short helps too. She is currently having a round of acupuncture at the vet to help her knotted tricep muscle. Injuries from slipping can be expensive to treat so whatever you can do to prevent it is all good.

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    • Keller Keller on Dec 12, 2015
      We have mats all over the house and the mat beside the bed was supposed to be secure. I think she jumped really wide and bypassed the steps up to the bed. We've had Rotties for 32 years, all but two have been adult rescues, and we've never had an incident before this one. When we remodeled, we tore up the wall-to-wall carpeting all over the house, as I have allergies to dust and dust mites, among others. With this breed of dog, they can drag in lots of dirt and sundry other things, and I needed flooring that I could easily clean. I really messed up by putting down Pergo. I knew better! I knew better and did it anyway. I made sure the ceramic tiles weren't slippery, but they sure are when wet. We have rubber backed rugs all over the place. We put non-slippery vinyl in our entryway. A major issue we've had for some time now is when the dogs get older, they can become incontinent. The rubber backed mats have been cleaned more times than I can count. I probably should just throw in the towel and throw down some dirt and cover it with wood shavings - lol! We just have to make sure that all bases are covered before we take in any more dogs. If I sound a little "off," it's because I miss our girls so much. Our lady jumper has been gone for only three weeks.

  • Keller Keller on Dec 11, 2015
    Both ladies gave me information that I can research before selecting my choice of non-slippery floors. They and we all live with dogs and know that it's sometimes difficult to have what we really would love to see in our homes, as the needs of our dogs superscede our wants. It takes a lot of give and take and compromise. This blog/website is quite new to me and I've found it to be a valuable resource. Thank you!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 12, 2015
    We also have a laminate in our downstairs because we have a lab...pretty large dog...and we knew real wood would not stand up. It has been down 10 years and looks like it is brand new. I have never had flooring look good this usually gets dirty, spotted, etc. However, there is not much you can do to stop slipping except put down large rugs. I sit furniture on my rugs to anchor them so they don't slide. I wait for the good sales and get wool rugs with a busy pattern that does not show every spot. Our dog is dark and the dog hair does not show on this rug

    • Keller Keller on Dec 12, 2015
      Your room looks lovely. I know that we have to get room-size rugs to provide safe floors for our dogs. At least the Pergo will stop any liquid from going into the subfloor. We have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby that sells the type of carpeting that you have. We'll go check them out very shortly. Thanks.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Dec 13, 2015
    Daughter has 3 large dogs. Buys inexpensive non-skid rugs for entry and kitchen floor. When they get too bad, she turfs them. Has area rugs and hall runners in the rest of the house. Hasn't had a problem.

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    • Keller Keller on Dec 13, 2015
      To clarify: Dog hair is totally a non-issue with us. It comes with having dogs.

  • Shari Shari on Dec 13, 2015
    You may want to consider indoor/outdoor rugs and/or runners. I use them all throughout my house. They are very affordable, as far as rugs go. They come in a variety of sizes and nice designs/colors, and they are very easy to care--which is great for homes with kids or pets. If they get dirty, you can take them outside, wash them with a mild soap and rinse them with the hose, or wash them with a pressure washer. Because the smaller sizes aren't very heavy, you will need one of those rubbery rug mats under them to help anchor the smaller rugs but they worked well for us when we had aging German Shepherds that had difficulty walking on our slippery laminate flooring. Here's a photo of the indoor/outdoor rug I put in my foyer a few months ago.

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    • Keller Keller on Dec 14, 2015
      I'm including two photos. One is of my husband feeding him and the other is him stretched out on the rug. He still goes for short walks on our property with us, does eat enough to sustain him, walks around in the house and goes outside to do his toileting. My husband feeds him whatever he will eat, whenever he will eat. He's had chronic kidney failure for years and wretched hips, as well. We believe in helping our wonderful vet make a living wage. lol

  • Ji.flooring2009 Ji.flooring2009 on Dec 13, 2015
    Get your dogs non slip dog booties to wear indoors

  • Keller Keller on Dec 14, 2015
    I thought of that and saw some in a flyer today. My concern is that they would get too hot and start up a fungal infection.

  • Ji.flooring2009 Ji.flooring2009 on Dec 14, 2015
    The only ones I've seen have holes all over them, good luck

    • Keller Keller on Dec 14, 2015
      I haven't seen that kind. We bought outdoor ones that has a strap of Velcro to adjust to keep them on, but the black bottoms don't provide any traction. We bought toe grips that are supposed to fit around the toenails and provide traction but they didn't stay on. Sigh...

  • Ji.flooring2009 Ji.flooring2009 on Dec 14, 2015
    This is what I found

    • Keller Keller on Dec 15, 2015
      Ahhhh! Where are these sold? They look like they would be perfect for our dogs.

  • Ji.flooring2009 Ji.flooring2009 on Dec 15, 2015
    Or you could type in search for breathable dog shoes

  • Keller Keller on Dec 15, 2015
    I checked online and found a lot of mesh dog shoes/booties. I guess I just have never searched using the right terms. Last year I looked for something to put on the ones I have to make them non-slip and found some rubber-ish liquid that is used for tool handles, etc. Given that our remaining dog, 14 y.o., is slowly turning his sign from "Here" to "Gone" I will have time to find exactly what I want or make it for them, like the hospital socks with the silicone ? stripes on the bottom. Our boy's only eaten some sardines so far today and has just refused his supper. : (