I'd like some suggestions for 'staging' a house while on the market?

Thanks for the replies, pretty much what our 'Stager' suggested but hoped to not have to do SO much.....project ongoing. thanks Again!

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  • Teresa Teresa on Mar 23, 2018
    Minimal but realistically! You want prospectful buyers to be able to imagine what the space is, but keep it minimal to show each room’s available space. Don’t over do the decorating with clutter. Make sure that all is wipe free from dust. Good luck in the sale of your home!

  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 23, 2018
    First of all, make it look like no one lives there! No books, papers, magazines, full wastebaskets, etc. Then, wash the windows in and out, and the rails and windowsills. Nothing on the counters, or table, except in the kitchen, maybe some freshly baked cookies. That makes the house seem homey. And flowers (small bunch of bright ones) on the coffee table. Spray some nice perfume in the water in the toilet, just a couple of sprays, the whole room will smell nice. Good idea for when you know who goes in and does you know what! Just spray the water when it's flushed and filling back up. Vacuum everything, even the couches and chairs, and in the corners and dust and wax. Don't forget the ceiling fan blades. Pare down the knickknacks and family pictures. Mow and edge the lawn, front and back and pick up the dead stuff and papers. Wipe down the walls, doors and get rid of fingerprints. Put a nice wreath on the front door. Take a lot of the dishes out of the cupboards and all the stuff you crammed into the drawers. Open the blinds and/or curtains to make it bright inside. The thing is to minimize. That makes the house look bigger. You might even put on some background music. Oh yeah, get the kids and pets out for the day. Clean the closets out, too and make the beds. Heck, you may like the look so much you just might stay:) Lots of work, but worth it. Good luck

  • Barbara Barbara on Mar 23, 2018
    First you have to remove l personal items, like pictures, faux plants, toys, etc. Make sure your paint colors are neutral. You need to declutter, remove large bulky pieces of furniture to make the rooms appear large. Make sure the whole house is clean and spotless. Make the rooms look inviting with Cozy comforters on the beds with few throw pillows and maybe a throw on the sofa. If there is a fireplace and the weather is cool, light the fire. Burn a nice candle in the kitchen with the fragrance of cookies baking, etc.

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    In some markets, very important, especially if your house has odd areas that people will not know how to utilize or furnish. I always turn them into mini office / library spaces, kid spaces for play or homework, or a craft corner. Check with your estate agent too, they know the market and should be able to advise what features are "hot" in your neighborhood.

  • Cindy Cindy on Mar 23, 2018
    Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Make sure both are sparkling clean. Remove and pack all personal items. Make it appear that the rooms are bigger by using natural light and mirrors. Mirrors reflect light. Put out pretty towels, but don't use them. Neutral paint in the whole house. The refrigerator should be very clean. Throw out the old stuff and give the entire fridge and stove a good scrubbing. Don't forget the outside. Keep the lawn cut. If you're going to plant flowers, do it in groupings. Paint the house, if needed, especially the front door. Don't smoke in the house. Start cleaning early, you want the house sparkling clean the very day it goes on the market. And, last but not least, clean the garage. I hope these ideas help you. Good luck with the sale of your house.

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Mar 23, 2018
    Clean, declutter and minimalize of course but a few other things. Keep fragrances to a minimum - crisp, light and natural. Avoid string chemical smells. Overpowering fragrances can cause headaches and may leave someone with a negative impression. You may love cinnamon or jasmine and they may hate it.
    If you have awkward areas that you've found unique uses or solutions to, leave them in place. If it makes it look smaller or sticks out into walkways etc, move it; eliminate trip hazards, electrical cords across floors etc. It makes existing spaces, outlets etc look inadequate. Show possibilities but leave people "space" to imagine their own things being there.
    Trim flower beds and make things look as maintenance free as possible. Good luck!

  • Janice Janice on Mar 24, 2018
    The very first thing to do is to declutter your home by remvoing unnecessary items and depersonalize it as much as possible. Also, try to think of your house as no longer yours and decorate to appeal to the general public. Remove & pack up personal items such as photographs, religious pieces, and heirloom pieces you want to keep but don't have to have sitting around. Use baskets to corral items in your bathroom or other areas so that your home is organized. Clear out your closets, perhaps packing away off-season clothing ready for your move. Attempt to view your home as a commodity (though that's difficult). It may help to snap a few pics from different angles and look at them objectively and see what does not look beautiful to your eye. Keep beds made, clutter contained and when you have a showing, have the lights on, windows clean and blinds/curtains open to make the place seem as large and airy and inviting as possible. If you're using a Realtor, they usually can provide good guidance...and don't take their suggestions personally. They know what people are looking for and know what turns off prospects better than anyone. Many Realtors have taken additional education on staging of homes to help them help sellers sell more quickly and for the top price possible. Hope you have a good one who is advising you along the way. Some of it is just common sense but it is difficult to see your home objectively because you've invested energy, time and money into it. Good luck with the sale of your home. from a former Realtor.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Mar 24, 2018
    Agree with everyone who has said remove (pack away or put in storage) ALL personal items- all pictures of people and pets, any object or decor item with names on it, any collections, any hobby stuff.
    Personal or family belongings identifying the characters and interests of the present occupants will interfere with potential buyers imagining themselves living in the house.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Mar 25, 2018
    Janice is right about the step in getting the house ready for showing, or the 'staging' step, sometimes being a tough hurdle, as it is hard to detach your emotions from your surroundings as you are still living in the house while it is up for sale.
    Even though you may like rooms and individual areas arranged a certain way, and think that particular objects look 'nice', it may not be the best way to present the home so that it appeals to the widest range of potential buyers. It is also important at this time to pack away and decor items that may be semi attached, but do not convey with the home.
    If you can declutter, and not have any personal items out and showing, in general, set the house up so that it no longer seems like 'your home', then you know you have successfully gone over the hurdle.