My home is boring! Help!

I live in a 1970's ranch that has no personality, no charm, and no character. What can I do that wont cost me a fortune?
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  • Sal3170064 Sal3170064 on Mar 10, 2017
    Can you show some photos

  • Kaye Kaye on Mar 10, 2017
    outside or inside

  • Que4029927 Que4029927 on Mar 10, 2017

    • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 10, 2017
      A few knick knacks,pictures throw pillows with some color.Decorating is not hard its a little imagination.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Mar 10, 2017
    Paint. That's the least expensive way to start. I would look at that time on websites and get a feel for it. I love that style but not the traditional home I love the wildside. The polka dots on upholstery the shaggy carpet but just for center of room I love wood floors. I love the metal works and the lines of woodwork to me it's very much like a mid century home. Or a boho look. Laid back seating and pillows. So start with paint that you love no matter what is trending now because that will change next year and go for a color you love and white is a color so if you love white and clean lines,it's your house24/7. Then make or purchase pillows, but please after painting ,look at that time and see what you like and slowly move as budget allows. I know you can break out of the box. Don't you feel unhappy everytime you walk in wouldn't you rather feel free.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Mar 10, 2017
    If it's the outside of home,that's the way they are meant to be,with just low bushes not much because the style was to very clean lines. To change the outside would cost a fortune and I don't mean to add flowers. If you have metal rails or post you could paint them. Maybe add annuals to walkway like everyone else does but annuals just means rebuying every yrs so if you could find lower perennial you could add that instead just a one time purchase. Lawn should be perfect. If your not ready financially for a total redo of front of house I would just do those 2 things to keep intugrety of homes exterior.

  • G.B. Woot G.B. Woot on Mar 15, 2017
    One room at a time! Post pictures and talk about how it is used (if not obvious) to get ideas. Everyone has a "style" of their own. I tend to blend minimalist with rustic or transitional styles. You can also look through pictures and save the ones you like. Once you have several, one (or maybe 2) style will usually come through and be reflected in them. That can give you guidance as you begin to make changes. If you do buy anything - make sure it fits your style and your vision for the room(s)!

  • Bev Bev on Mar 16, 2017
    I live in a 70s type modular double wide and I started with calming warm almost whites like cottage white and a neutral beige, I need to get ride of all the golden oak color. Now kitchen is cottage white cabI nets and butter yellow walls with cottage white crown molding and window trim. Living room is pale neutral beige with the crown molding and ceiling 1 shade lighter in a satin to reflect the light more than a flat ceiling paint. A surfeit couch cover in cream and I change out pillow covers from Hobby Lobby when ever I get bored or change of season, buy some throws when you can afford them at the end of the winter season and you will have a big breath of satisfaction everytime you walk in.

  • I live in a mid-80's tract box. Just took these 2 pics this weekend to send to my cold NC friends. See if this helps any. Everything has been collected over time and done on a shoestring budget.