Which easy DIY is your top priority? (In your home.)

Hi fellow Hometalkers,

do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your DIY plans too? Since moving to a new house last year, my to-do list has slowly expanded to unforeseen proportions. The little crafty DIYs: setting up little shelves at convenient places. Keyholder pannel close to home entrance. Kitchen counter finishing touches. A hundred or so, like these.

I simply can't do them all.

Which little DIYs are your priority, and how do you decide which one to take on first? Thanks!

(a bit overwhelmed wanna-do-it-all) Damjana
q which easy diy is your top priority in your home, home decor
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  • Lori Jackson Lori Jackson on Feb 03, 2017
    Function first...that which makes my life easier comes before what will make it prettier.

    • Damjana Damjana on Feb 03, 2017
      Thanks! Seems logical. This would nearly halve my need-to-do list. Much better!

  • Toc15434384 Toc15434384 on Feb 03, 2017
    3 things per day but I am over 70

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    • Jeni Walsh Jeni Walsh on Feb 07, 2017
      I too am overwhelmed with "things to do" & "things I have to do". Once I get started I should see some progress & hopefully finish a few projects. lol

  • Jan18428297 Jan18428297 on Feb 03, 2017
    My big thing is non-toxic homemade DIY things from hair & skin care to all kinds of effective cleaners that deliver. Jane

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 03, 2017
    prioritize by function first, like she said which things make it easier. Take that list and just start with one room or area, period. Stick to it unless something comes up that dictates changing those priorities, like somethkng breaks or needs replacing, etc. just go by areas and go from easiest to most complicated. Make a list for each area numbering it that way and stick to it. Don't jump to number five until 1-4 are completed.

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    • Jeni Walsh Jeni Walsh on Feb 07, 2017
      Thank you Loretta. I am doing this list tonight. The outside table & chair I sanded a year ago will get their lick of paint on the weekend

  • I agree, make a nice list. Number one being the one you REALLY want to do first and so on. Try not to do to much to fast or your will burn yourself out. Take some time off in between projects to catch your breath. I literally will take a couple weeks off before starting another project. Those projects will always be there, but you have to take time for yourself, friends and family too.

    Good Luck!

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 05, 2017
    Just setting furniture in place has been enough to drive me crazy. And kitchen draws, I have 3 junk drawers that's insane right! So I made a list of what I can do and what I hire out. What I want to tackle now after finishing MB is its bathroom. Right now I need help with mirror one of those large mirror's I want to read use it so a clip looks like it will break and I bought new ones but in a house filled with men no one helps. I don't want to do much just enough to modernize. I know my husband can replace vanity and faucet but he isn't interested so I will do what I can and he can go use our adult sons bathroom. (Yuck!) So other than organization I haven't done a project but feel confident. If only I could drive,I have health restrictions, I would do more. I did hang up all the artwork,and curtains. I don't think that those count. Anyway after bathroom then comes arranging the MB closet. 1 of the three has really done a great job, other 2 not at all. My husband just let's me do my own thing so I'm focusing on our room finally, we too purchased our house this year but had to address other issues first. Finally I can do something on my own, no contractors here. That did give me time to see what was a priority to me. Then I will conquer the stairs which are carpeted. I will remove it and attempt to paint. So priority is important just like everyone is telling you or you become overwhelmed and feel defeated. An inch is a cinch a mile is a trial!

  • CecileH CecileH on Feb 06, 2017
    I have quite a list but my first is building two build in book/storage shelves on either end of my living room in my cottage style home. Our home is very old had doesn't have ONE closet-yes that is correct, no closet! This will help with the majority of the clutter of things sitting out and make it look neater when it is on shelves displayed (stacks of books that won't fit into book shelves etc). Second, storage in our bathroom which we are redoing as well. Thirdly, convincing my husband that yes in deed the kitchen cupboards need to be replaced...with a stone foundation we often get rodents in the cold weather seeking a warm place to winter-they obviously think being caught by the cat is a faster death the freezing in the cold! They have chewed their way through the under portion of the floor where the water drain is and have created a path through the cupboards to the point I no longer use the lower cupboards at all anymore. My intention is to lay thin sheet metal down once the floor is replaced and having it go up the wall to where the water comes in from the basement-did I mention my house is really old! lol The water pipes come up the wall, through one cabinet into the sink cabinet to the tap which basically leaves those two lower cabinets useless but there is no way to change it! Once this happens, putting in a completely new kitchen is on my agenda!

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    • CecileH CecileH on Feb 12, 2017
      I wish it were just the holes around the pipes, otherwise I'd have to take shares in the steel wool company to fill in all the other areas of the basement! lol A few years ago a home that was a rental property was cleaned up-the elderly man had a pseudo lumber yard and a green house made up of old windows-where he had a deer hanging! Someone he knew hit a deer and brought it to his place and hung it, well the stink got so bad someone reported it (not me!) so the said clean up or we will condemn the place. It was cleaned up but all the mice, moles, voles and every other little critter decided to move into our place! We had to put down poison and used the opportunity to go on a vacation! The house was littered with dead rodents when we came home! My mom who kept an eye on our place said every day she would collect them but just couldn't keep up with the number of them that moved in! Had a huge cleaning weekend before we brought the kids back into the house, thank goodness for grandparents!

  • Susan Ellis Yamakawa Susan Ellis Yamakawa on Feb 06, 2017
    Lol my collection of jars is driving my husband crazy. His ex was clean a - holic mirror cleaner made her wall paper peel off in places .help

    • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 07, 2017
      I keep jars to collect fat from meat to throw away and not clog sink. I use smallest ones for this or my husband will never let me get rid of them. Recycle for small decorative items if your into crafting. You can place votive in them as well. Keep extra change everyday and it adds up. In my house house if you leave change out then it becomes mine. My kids all have jars for change. See if you can find one that fits in car door so you will always have change for tolls or a cup of coffee. If you garden dry herbs and place in jars they taste better than any you can buy I crush mine not by choice but because they do this once dried. I dry mine after I wash and dry in oven at no more then 225. Show him how useful they are and then we'll you may just have to put in recycling. You know if you purchase candy in large package to save money then once opened you could store in jar with a small scooper. They are great in bathrooms to hold cotton balls, q-tips, nail polish removing pads and tooth brushes. He probably thinks that since not in use just takes up space but if you use them he wouldn't care.

  • Danielle Danielle on Feb 06, 2017
    Everything for make my day nice.

  • Kristil Albof Kristil Albof on Feb 07, 2017
    Attack one room at a time and finish each COMPLETELY 💪. PAINT is my go-to for pretty much EVERYTHING! If you have a surface,it can be painted ,lol.. Instant impact! Have fun!

  • Dian Dian on Feb 07, 2017
    I separate my TO DO list into two categories - one day (or less) , and one week (or more). And then I tackle the one I WANT to do, depending on how I feel, & how important it is to me. I am a FINISHER, so letting any project drag on just doesn't happen. I am reasonable & sensible. And a bit of a perfectionist. "Do it right or don't do it at all. " I just turned 69, so I may not go as fast as I used to, & that's OK. I'm the one who has to live with whatever I do, So far I'm still content w/the results of whatever the project is. That's important to me.

    • Damjana Damjana on Feb 07, 2017
      Dian, thank you! Separation between those things that take a lot of time and those quick ones - this will work just great!

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 07, 2017
    Also agree with start a project and finish before you move on and perfection holds a person back because scared of making a mistake. I'm one as well it takes me hours to do a scrapbook page I understand but let it go if you like it the heck with everyone else. I've been here 12 months and just now got the furniture in M/B right. Now I can move on to bath, I will need to purchase items and store them until I have it all so I can knock it out in one day. But I will need help so will pay for it because it matters to me. My husband leans toward white but I want what I like and if he isn't going to help or pay then I will get what makes me happy. He really is laid back and doesn't care if he doesn't have to do it.

  • Susan Ellis Yamakawa Susan Ellis Yamakawa on Feb 07, 2017
    Thank you ! I am a crafter and a gardener.my black sand has a home and now my white sand will when I open it.my beads and glass chips will be put in my baby food jars hopefully. The change ideas are great too! I put my coconut water in a quart jar but then I'll paint it with chalk paint😄.

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Feb 08, 2017
    Function before beauty. It has to work first, then you can enjoy the beauty!  Anything will work when you want to cover up windows for privacy, worry later about the trim painting, new window treatments, etc... You know what I mean

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    • Jennifer Jennifer on Feb 09, 2017
      If everything is functioning well, then I would paint rooms different tones of the same color ( gray, light gray, darker gray), whatever color you like and make one wall or area a complimentary color. Baseboards, window trim and doors in another complimentary color. Next would be window treatments. Something that is easy to clean would be my top priority. I don't like blinds, to hard to keep clean if you are a busy person. These are much more permanent and a lot more thought has to be done in those decisions. Then the floors would be next on my list.
      This sounds so expensive but you could get paint on clearance then have them tint it for you. Start with a light shade and work your way up to the darker shade. I have tinted my own paint with small bottles of acrylic paints to make the color I wanted.
      I'm not good with a sewing machine so I would have to buy some sort of window treatment or make something which I have done in the past, like a roll up or roman shade. I have seen some very pretty ones right here on this site!
      I could go on but I need to go back to painting candlesticks and a vase with Unicorn spit! I love this stuff!

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 10, 2017
    Lists also help me a great deal. I make a list for each room and tackle a room at a time. I will also have a "small project" list in case I have a day where I just want to sit and do something small. I am in my sixties and some days require a slower pace. I am very orderly so everything is organized. I am a fan of Dollar Store baskets to keep things organized. They come in every size and in many colors to suit ones needs. I use them in my kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets and drawers and in the bedroom closets. Also in my craft closet they come in handy as well as closed containers. When I paint a room, if I have any left-over paint, I will pour it into a jar and label. This is better than letting it dry out in a can that is hard to seal well. The jar is smaller and will hold it right amount better and takes up less space than a large can.