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the most crucial remodeling of updating project in a house is the kitchen. It’s required big budget, long time, patience and lots of sacrifices. When we both our house we loved the open kitchen on our living room, but the kitchen was there for 50 years now. Everything was outdated the cabinets the floor, the appliances... to stat, we made a budget to our kitchen and then we start doing research on our future kitchen design. We wanted something bright, modern, elegant and yet with lots and lots of storage. For that we decided to add:

  1. a bottom corner cabinets with a lazy Suzy to get advantage to that space.
  2. We had to deal with an empty cabinet space that had ventilation grill in it, so we relocated the grill and add a cabinet.
  3. add an island (that was a must be for me hhhh.)
  4. Remove the pantry to put a double door fridge.
  5. add more cabinets, taller and bigger
  6. add more drawers for functional storage.
  7. Mount in microwave to maximize the space.
  8. mount in vacuum for smart cleaning.
  9. new floor (switch tile to laminate)
  10. new backsplash (peel and stick) excellent by the way.
  11. New countertop.
  12. New appliances
  13. new sink
  14. lighting

Who did it?

this project was made by my husband and me. We are not contractors and that was our first kitchen remodeling ever.

The budget?

the budget was cut in half or more then if we called somebody to do it for us. The kitchen cost was under 8 thousand. But because we wanted a high quality appliances , the cabinets were better then the basic ones and the countertop was customized we paid around 10 thousand and still a good price for the result we’ve got.

The time?

it was done in less then a month and half, just because we were waiting for the ordered items to arrive progressively.

This is the previous kitchen. Everything was outdated, not functional with dark colors.

It had an empty space in the bottom with a ventilation grill and used for pets. We relocated the duct and the grill to another wall across the kitchen. And added a nice big cabinet.

we removed the counter to have a large dining area and connect the kitchen with the living room to create an open space.

We start the planing, designing and ordering the cabinets we wanted in early in the spring. When the weather was warmer we started the process. It was a great demolishing heh!! Starting with the tile, then the cabinets bottom and top. And the appliances of course. I kept the fridge until the end, but i was without range :( just because it was gas range. Oh yeah almost 2 months without stove until we tied up all together.

a new floor was installed, we preferred to cover all kitchen with laminate to have a leveled cabinets with a clean look.

Meanwhile We took care of the electricity and the pluming

where Do you see the fridge that was a long pantry cabinet. We removed it to place the fridge in the corner and have more cabinets around it. The upper cabinets were taller and we choose the bottom ones with more drawers. I like the deep drawers for cups and all kinds of things as you can reach and see them easier.

We placed an island with cabinets one with drawers and a regular one. We covered the back with panels and molds as it's will be facing the dining room now.

we mounted the microwave to gain more space on the countertop.

The countertop was the last thing we received, it was a custom made because of the odd shape of the kitchen wall ehhhh bad surprise happens!

I saw on hgtv home some of a stunning white and gold kitchens so i did the hardware in brass to match with the white cabinets.

For The backsplash, we were pretty sure that a peel and stick subway tile will do the job, and honestly it did. The look was as beautiful as a real tiles with less effort ;).

This was a smart move from my husband. It is a mount in vacuum installed under the cabinets. You can use the hose or just mob the floor and get everything vacuumed in one move. Very practical.

Between the posts shelves

We used between the studs for a functional kitchen shelves. We just cut down the dry wall and placed kind of frames to create shelves and displayed some mason jars with pasta legumes so i can see them and used them frequently.


This is my new kitchen, done all by ourselves, in budget and on time :D

remodeling a kitchen is a huge project, I can’t believe we did it. We had to go bold and brave otherwise you think that you can’t never do it, especially, when you have a toddler and a baby on hands .

We had also to remove the fun and relocate the electrical right above the dining table.

We bought a round table with four chairs to allow a fluid circulation as the backyard door and basement doors are behind it.

Suggested materials:
  • Cabinets   (Home Depot)
  • Countertop   (Lowes)
  • Laminate floor   (Lowes)
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