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So I've been wanting to redo our kitchen forever. We've lived here for 26 years, and the original home is dated 1949. Six years ago we put a second story addition onto our home, along with some updating to our kitchen and living room. With the kitchen came additional cupboards, all which were stained "as close to" the original orange-ish tone of the original cupboards. Well, the matching was a bit off, and that added to the desire for a do over. With the renovation of our kitchen came an added "old fashioned" corner cubby, which we had the builder put the original leaded glass doors on the top portion.
While I loved the cubby, the leaded glass doors always had me desiring a much more cleaned up look. Add to that, I just wanted to paint all the woodwork to match. White it was and white it became. But what to do with those doors? I decided to remove them completely and save them for another project down the road. Here's a couple of close ups.
I've been admiring orange and blue together for a soothing yet upbeat combo for a somewhat beachy overtone atmosphere, in spite of the original orange stained cupboards! Lol! Instead of orange and blue, I decided on orange and teal. So I mixed my own light shade of teal and painted the interior of the cupboards, after removing the doors. I decided to go with acrylic paint, something I've been reading a lot about, and everyone says requires no sanding or prep work. They're right! All I did was give the woodwork a good cleaning. I absolutely LOVED the simplicity of the overall work.
My wonderful husband caulked all the spaces between the walls and also the hinge holes. I think it looks great and love the new updated look! Here's a couple of close ups of the new look.
I am working on the remainder of our kitchen, ever so slowly. Life tends to get in the way sometimes, so it's moving much slower than I originally wanted. But I'll post the rest as time allows. I hope you enjoyed the update as much as I did!

Suggested materials:

  • Valspar Acrylic Paint   (Lowes)
  • Chalk Paint, Teal   (Hobby Lobby)

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