Chalk Paint Hutch Makeover - 804 Sycamore

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Chalk Paint Hutch Makeover

Have you ever painted an old piece of furniture and gave it new life? I have wanted to paint a vintage piece for the longest time, but all the cleaning, sanding, and prep work always turned me off. Well, that all changed when a friend texted me a photo of this beautiful hutch. I loved the details and the small size of it. It was a solid wood vintage piece with character, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I did some research about chalk painting because you don’t typically have to sand (or sand much) prior to chalk painting. For this chalk paint hutch makeover, I had many choices of chalk paint brands. I think they’re probably all pretty good, it just depends on what color and look you want. After reading a blog post about Behr brand chalk paint, I was sold. And when I get excited about painting (which is never) I just have to go for it and get started. So that’s what I did.



Behr chalk paint has a nice selection of colors, they’re located in a brochure down the spray paint aisle at my Home Depot. I knew I wanted a navy blue with some grey and that’s what I got. I selected onyx gray, but it turned out quite blue compared to the sample dot on the top of the can. I think this may be because the hutch had a lot of red in the wood. I’m only guessing at the reason, but I am very happy with the color even though it’s not the exact color I was expecting. I did paint two coats, but they paint goes on so smoothly that it didn’t take long at all. This chalk paint hutch makeover was so exciting for me and my family. I laid down a drop cloth in the dining room and went to work. My family would walk by and check out my progress, giving nice compliments. It was cool that they were excited to see the transformation too.

Chalk Paint Hutch Makeover – Bathroom refresh

As you will soon see, we’re using the hutch in our upstairs guest bathroom. This was not the original plan for the hutch, it was going to go in our primary bedroom and store all the throw pillows and extra blankets. The hutch even has a drawer which was going to be used for my husband’s physical therapy bands. It seemed like a good idea, but when I moved it into our bedroom in preparation for our flooring repairs, it looked way too small for the space. I even tried pairing a chair and tree with it to make it seem larger, but with our 10-foot ceilings, it just didn’t fit. I instantly thought about the upstairs bathroom because there’s an open space on one side. My husband didn’t think it would fit, but I could picture in there so I measured twice and it turned out to be a perfect.

I love how vintage furniture can add so much interest and character to a space. The prior style of this guest bathroom was pretty modern, maybe with a little boho vibe to it. It was simple and I liked it, but with the addition of the hutch, a mini refresh was in order. When I plan a space, I consider all the elements and use what I already have as much as possible. By introducing blue into this space, I wanted it to look intentional and cohesive, so a few changes needed to happen. The guest bathroom is now a nice blend of modern and vintage, I love the eclectic look and how it all just works. I used frames I already had, a floor mat and hand towel I already had, and plants and decor I already had to decorate the hutch. Adding a new shower curtain and soap dispenser made this refresh affordable and I love how they tied everything together.

You’ll notice a lot of neutrals with warm brass accents and the focal blue tones. I intentionally selected a lighter blue curtain because it brightens the space, coordinates with the dark blue chalk paint, and keeps the space balanced. If I would have matched the shower curtain color with the hutch, it would have weighed too heavily on that side of the bathroom, and I would have lost dimension too. Matching is great but consider coordinating when planning a space. Coordinating can add versatility, dimension, and interest to the space. I would love to replace the vanity light fixture at some point and do a finish on the wall behind the hutch, but for now it’s just fine.

I used antique gold Rub ‘n Buff to update the hardware and to highlight the art deco details.

Chalk Paint Hutch Makeover – Tutorial

I created a video to show the chalk painting process, but I’ll list the basic steps and some tips here.

  1. First, clean the piece thoroughly. Even the bottom~
  2. Then remove any drawers, hardware, and in my case the glass and wood scroll overlay.
  3. If you want to leave any of the original wood finish, carefully tape off the parts that should not get painted.
  4. TIP: Be sure to use a spray bottle to add a little water to your paint. This helps thick chalk paint to go on smoothly. For a cup of paint, I sprayed about 4 sprays of water. Mix thoroughly.
  5. I used a 2″ brush because my hutch has a lot of intricacies and curves.
  6. Just paint the chalk paint on in smooth strokes. Don’t paint over the same spot several times, don’t try to get complete coverage with the first coat, move on and get an even layer of paint on the entire piece. The thickness of the paint seems to cause it to dry more quickly.
  7. Make sure the first layer is completely dry.
  8. Lightly sand the piece with 220 grit and then clean off dust.
  9. Prepare your paint again and give the piece a second coat. Pait can temporarily be stored in the fridge between coats (= no waste).
  10. Once you have the look you want and the piece is dry, remove the tape.
  11. I used my sanding sponge to sand off some of the chalk paint where I wanted wood to show through. Having some dark edges adds beauty and helps it retain that vintage look. Wipe off all the dust from sanding before adding a protective finishing if you want one.
  12. I waited a few days to allow the paint to cure and set before applying a dark wax finish. I used a wax brush and made sure to apply an even layer of wax. You may also add matte polyurethane or nothing. Once the wax is cured, you are left with a silky-smooth finish and a gorgeous luster to the piece.
  13. Once the finishing layer is cured, add hardware back to the piece and style.

Chalk Paint Hutch Makeover

Refinishing this piece was so satisfying and I was so happy with how well the Behr chalk paint went on. I felt like I couldn’t have messed it up even if I wanted to. I will definitely use Behr chalk paint in the future as long as they have the color I need. And I can’t wait to find another piece to refinish and give new life to. Flipping furniture is not only ultimate recycling, but you can save money and add your own personal touches to go with your style. If you makeover a piece of furniture, be sure to tag me on Instagram so that I can see your creation. And without further ado, here are photos of the guest bathroom with the new vintage piece which provides storage and beauty to this small space.

First, clean your piece with a washcloth and some water with a drop of Dawn dish soap. Don't saturate with water but clean well and allow to dry.

If you want to leave some of the original wood, use painter's tape to cover the areas you won't be painting.

With most chalk paints, it's common to add a few sprays of water to the paint to help it go on smoothly. This helps tone down the thickness of the paint and it reduces brush strokes. I used a two-inch brush to easily paint the details and grooves in my hutch.

Once both coats are completely dry, use a 220-grit sanding sponge to smooth out the surface and help the sealant to adhere. Once sanded, wipe all the dust thoroughly and allow to dry.

I used a dark finishing wax to seal my piece. The shine dried flatter but the texture is a silky-smooth finish. It adds a slight luster to the whole piece and brings out the original wood that I left on. You could use a matte polyurethane for pieces that get used more roughly and continually like a table.

I used antique gold Rub'n Buff to give new life to the original hardware. I also used a small paint brush to add the gold to some of the details on the hutch. It's subtle but looks amazing.

Suggested materials:
  • Behr chalk paint   (Home Depot)
  • Dark finishing wax   (Home Depot)
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